Prime Athlete
Prime Athlete
Dec. 4th
Issue 5
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Time Management Tips for High School Athletes
The life of a high school student-athlete is not easy—there’s so much to juggle. Here are valuable tips to help a high school athlete in the area of time management.

What are the qualities of a great athlete?
Confidence, teachable spirit, pride, accountability, competitive perseverance, and discipline are among the qualities that make a great athlete.

For Your Coaches
Selecting Captains
One of the most important responsibilities you have as a coach is to identify and select your leaders—members who have the potential to serve as team captains.

Coach AND Parent Education Reduces Stress for Athletes
Coaches and parents working together are a powerful combination for reducing sports-performance anxiety.

The Right Approach for Parents of Athletes
Tim Warsinskey, a sports writer for the Cleveland Plain Dealer for more than 30 years, wrote a column about how parents should act during high school sporting events.

Caffeine & Athletic Performance
Whether it's consumed to enhance performance or as part of the daily diet, caffeine can be a negative for today's competitive athlete.

4 tips for high school athletes to prepare for the recruiting process
The following are tips on how high school athletes and parents can start prepping for the recruitment process in order to make the right college selection.
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