2018-06-12 ISSUE Vol. 3, No. 44
Being a Thankful Coach
Coach Neil Bergenroth believes in the importance of reflecting at the tail end of the season. And one of the ways that he does this is through writing a thank you letter to each individual athlete. It helps build a connection that lasts a lifetime.
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Handling a Disruptive Athlete
From time to time, coaches likely have to figure out how to handle a disruptive or disrespectful athlete. It's important to deal with the situation immediately—these kinds of problems cannot be ignored.
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Case Study
Men of the House
When Monte Robinson was first hired as Offensive Coordinator at Westinghouse High School in Pittsburgh in 2006, players were involved in a number of off-the-field issues, leading to school suspensions and even jail time. So he focused on everything non-football related that helped transform his players.
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Risk Management
Code of Conduct That Makes Sense
It's necessary to have a clear code of conduct in place for your team that is fair and practical and holds your players accountable. In creating these policies, keep asking yourself, “What makes sense?"
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Hosting an Alumni Reunion or Event
Once your players graduate, they often lose touch with each other and with you. To reconnect with former players, there are several events you should consider organizing.
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Athlete Performance
Common Philosophies Examined
There are many ways to design weight training programs. As a follow-up to last week's article, the author examines a few and considers the reasons coaches use them.
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