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Spotlight your best decisions
with our industry-leading WeatherSentry®
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Don’t be left in the dark. The right weather insight can clearly illuminate your best choices — helping you protect athletes and spectators during practice, games, and high-profile events.

Shine with help from WeatherSentry:
Make better play/delay decisions with custom lightning and weather alerts, plus all-clear notifications
Protect against heat stress with exclusive wet bulb globe temperature forecasts and alerts
Make your toughest calls with help from our degreed meteorologists, 24/7/365
Get a home-field advantage when you add an on-site weather station, for field-specific wind speed and direction
Get a free trial and a jolt charger
Get your free trial and Mini Maglite
*When you try WeatherSentry for free. Offer valid for first-time trial users only. Offer expires October 31, 2016, or while supplies last.

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