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Dear [Firstname],

VKTRY Performance Insoles (aka "VKs") are the world’s first carbon fiber insoles proven to help athletes run faster and jump higher, while reducing the chance of injuries. VKs are currently being used by athletes at over 100 pro teams and college programs like the New Orleans Saints and Texas A&M.

VKs were specially designed to increase ground force and energy return to the athlete. 3rd party testing in a 12 month study using force plates at the Human Performance Lab in New Haven CT has proven that VK Insoles increase peak explosiveness by +12%.
As your players are training this summer, now is the perfect time to try VK Insoles. And, for a limited time, they can SAVE $20 if you pass along the website code “Momentum” to your players and parents. VK’s come with a 30-day money-back guarantee - so absolutely no risk to try.

"Increasing speed and explosiveness is all about one thing - putting a force into the ground - and that's what VKs do for an athlete. I tried VK Insoles for myself and
immediately felt the energy return."

Bill Parisi, renowned strength & fitness expert