Increase Game Experience and Amenities by offering open-air luxury suites and press boxes
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In today’s ever-competitive sport facility environment, athletic departments are placing major emphasis on upgrading their facilities directly related to spectator enjoyment.

Ten to fifteen years ago, protecting the high-revenue clients from the weather was priority. Large indoor club areas were built with large enclosed glass. But now it's about delivering to them an experience surrounding the sights and sounds of the game.

A frameless sliding window system will allow your luxury box and media members to enjoy the full viewing experience of the game they are watching—with a completely unobstructed view and full access to the sounds of the event. The system allows the end user to be in independent control of the open-air experience. Installation of the window system protects the user from the weather while also providing energy savings.

Game To Life (G2L) Window Systems is offering you a free “Guide to Improving the Game Viewing Experience in Your Luxury Suites and Pressbox.” This Guide will help you learn:

  • Tips to upgrade your facility with a focus on game viewing experience
  • Why top programs are turning to open-air seating
  • The available options and when you should use each
  • Ways to generate revenue through improved suites
  • How to reduce energy costs by selecting the right windows
You don’t need to spend millions to enhance the game-viewing experience for your luxury suite customers or for the media—and if you enhance this experience, you are likely to increase your athletic department’s revenue stream.

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