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Transform Your Evaluations with Objective Technology & Data
Athletes depend on your guidance and training throughout a treatment process, and what better way to confirm your treatment plan than with objective technology and data?

Tekscan offers a range of products designed to help you help your athletes. Use Tekscan systems to track athletes’ progress throughout your treatment plan and validate your work with improved measurements over time. You understand the level of performance required for athletes to excel in their given field, but without objective information how can you know when it’s safe for an athlete to return-to-sport.

Increase your athlete’s understanding of their own movement mechanics with the help of objective, visually-compelling measurements and data. Provide them with visual representations of their bilateral asymmetries, gait cycle, stability, and more.

Our solutions are:

  • Portable
  • Versatile
  • Research Validated
Improve Patient Outcomes with Relevant, Visual Information
Make better return-to-sport decisions and optimize performance with quantitative data.
The SB Mat is an assessment tool that provides objective information about bilateral asymmetries to develop injury prevention programs, assess patient progress and optimize performance. Use a portable, durable platform to capture insights into how a player is functioning.

Learn more about how you can drive your decisions with data, here.

Essential Data for Evaluating Chronic Ankle Instability
According to research, ankle injuries account for 45% of injuries in sports. Download our new whitepaper to learn more about a new technology to assess chronic ankle instability.

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Objective Gait Analysis
Better Data. Better Decisions. Better Results.
With the F-Scan system, it’s possible to gain important insights into the gait cycle, which might otherwise go unnoticed. The system provides freedom to capture dynamic movements like running, jumping and hopping in real-world environments.

Game Changing Technology
Sports Orthotist, Jeff Englert shares the value of the Tekscan products when treating NFL players. To see other applications of the F-Scan in professional sports, check out this video here.

The F-Scan system enables me to see a player’s biomechanical data by specific position. In addition, I am able to collect data related to overall baseline mechanics.

The value of the F-Scan is very simple. The cases seen in the NFL must be dealt with properly and effectively in a short period of time. The F-Scan equipment allows me to get effective results each and every time, literally game changing for players and teams. It is truly a remarkable technology.

- Jeff Englert, Sports Orthotist, Englert Orthopaedics, Inc.