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5 Ways To Keep Your Mouthguard Protective And Effective

Much like the other pieces of protective equipment your athletes wear, you put a lot of faith in mouthguards to keep them safe from injury.

But how do you know that their mouthguard is providing the protection that they need? What should you do to maintain the mouthguard’s protective qualities?

Here are five ways for you to make sure your mouthguard stays protective and effective:

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High Performance Lite Video

Gladiator Co-founder Bobbie Quinn introduces the new Gladiator High Performance Lite custom mouthguard, and demonstrates how the design and engineering makes it the most comfortable and protective mouthguard possible.

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Dress Like A Champion

When your team looks the part -- with matching uniforms, tracksuits and even mouthguards featuring your colors and logo -- they play the part. Give your team a true identity.


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