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F I N D     Y O U R     S T R I D E
Experience the support of an orthotic with the comfort of an insole.
StrideTek's exclusive technology encourages proper biomechanics
throughout the entire stride gait. Perfect for athletes, emergency
responders, military and anyone who loves their feet!

Widely considered to be the father of modern athletic training in the United States, StrideTek's core technology was conceived by renowned NFL trainer, George Anderson. During his 35 year tenure as the head athletic trainer with the Super Bowl Champion Oakland / Los Angeles Raiders, George's innovations were utilized in athletic competition all over the world. Originally developed to meet the rigorous demands of professional athletes in a training room environment, StrideTek transformed George's core technology from a training room taping technique into a user-friendly, "gait cycle control" solution that focuses on the anatomical relationship between the heel, the arch, and metatarsal area during running and walking. StrideTek's revolutionary patented design produces the first insole that not only resists over-pronation, but stabilizes the foot in a manner consistent with an orthotic, while simultaneously providing a dynamic transfer of energy through the entire gait cycle. The StrideTek team has remained vigilant in the commitment they had with their friend to produce a line of performance footgear that will surpass all others.

Exclusive Stridetek® TECHNOLOGY