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Frameless, Sliding
Window Solution
Game to Life Window Systems
Exclusively designed for sports facilities. G2L® offers its clients a frameless, sliding window solution for pressbox and luxury suite applications.. Applicable for both renovation and new construction projects, G2L® window systems can offer significant savings up to 30% when compared to other sports facility window options.
Florida State University
Doak Campbell Stadium
G2L® Window System completed it's largest project to date with a 114 suite renovation and installation at Doak Campbell Stadium: Florida State University. The project was successfully completed on time and within budget. Florida State University was looking for a window system with minimal sightlines and vision impairment. G2L® was able to provide a number of solutions for the facility by installing on cantilevered conditions, multiple glass colors and unique framing options.

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Colorado State Football Stadium
Colorado State University contacted G2L® Window Systems with the desire to allow their suite holders the opportunity to maximize their window opening. Using a four-panel layout, G2L® was able to provide each suite with an eight-foot frameless, sliding window opening to view football games. Colorado State University was pleased with G2L®'s ability to close and open the windows at the user's discretion due to the fluctuation in weather conditions. G2L® was able to demo and install new windows in a two-week timeframe.

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In the spring of 2004 University of Arkansas legendary Athletic Director Frank Broyles became quite concerned with the gameday experience of his suite holders. The loud and raucous crowd of 72,000 was being piped into suites via a seven inch ceiling speaker. Coach Broyles called upon RGC Glass Inc to design a window system that offered a true game-viewing experience. His one simple request of an unobstructed, wideopen view was brought to fruition with the design of G2L® Window Systems.

Countless hours were spent designing a system where the end-user was comfortable and in control. The system's vision was free of mullions, bars and electrical components; a vision in which a fan could open or close their suite easily without consequence. G2L® was able to promote an authentic suite/skybox experience by offering an open-air, frameless window option allowing the sights and sounds of the game to reach maximum potential. The company brought the Game 2 Life! RGC Glass' personalized window system for Coach Broyles brought on more inquiries from facilities and athletic directors around the country. RGC's product design combined with its transparent mission to provide remarkable service at an affordable price soon found them in multiple venues across the United States. RGC Glass will continue to develop its product and provide a generous, authentic business relationship with clients for years to come.

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