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Cramer's Tuf-Tek Field Bag:
The backpack redefined!

If you think you know backpacks, think again. Take a look at Cramer's new Tuf-Tek Field Bag-the backpack that's redefining the backpack.

When you think about a kit in the form of a backpack, you might think that if you've seen one, you've seen them all. While in attendance at the NATA 66th Symposia & AT Expo in St. Louis MO Tuesday June23rd-Friday June 26th 2015, Cramer Products (Booth #1807) you will see the newest kit addition that is a must have!

Cramer's new Tuf-Tek Field Bag is this not your middle schooler's backpack...this isn't like anybody's backpack. In fact, the field bag practically redefines what a backpack can be, with an unsurpassed ruggedness factor and functional modularity that will keep you organized and at the top of your game.

First, the basics:

  • The overall size of the field bag is 23" x 12" x 9"
  • It's made of the most tough, resilient nylon and other materials
  • Design technology used to make it the most durable kit on the market
  • Zippers on the bag are the largest gauge strength available
  • Ultra-wide straps ensure comfort and back support

And about that functional modularity:

  • The bag comes with compartments of all sizes that can be customized with dividers of various sizes that are included
  • Removable parts ensure you'll have the exact amount of space you need, each time you use the bag
  • External storage allows you to put the items you'll need most often right at your fingertips
  • A 12" x 9" x 6" zip-off, removable thermal cooler can be used to protect supplies that are cold- or heat-sensitive, such as tape and some chemicals...or for storing your lunch while on the field!
  • Four plastic hard cases with lids, included, provide even more opportunities to organize all your stuff