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Athletic Equipment: 3 Tips For Getting
The Best Bang For Your Buck

As an athletic trainer, you only have so much room in your budget to use on athletic equipment for your team. And those costs add up quickly.

$120 for a pair of cleats. $50 on a sweat-wicking shirt. $250 for a new, lighter lacrosse stick. The numbers just keep piling up until they become astronomical ... and that's just for one player! You need to outfit an entire squad.

The cost of athletic equipment may be daunting, so it's very important to make sure you're getting the best bang for your buck. How much do you spend on equipment and gear? Are you budgeting efficiently?

Here are three tricks to help you efficiently plan your equipment budget for the upcoming season.

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Is Custom Worth The Cost?

With player safety as important as ever, you owe it to your players to make custom mouthguards a top priority -- on par with jerseys and helmets. Find out why custom mouthguards are worth the cost.

Invest In Protection

Perform With An Edge

A Gladiator® does more than just protect your teeth. Our sport-specific cuts are engineered to help you breathe easily and speak clearly, boosting your performance and giving you a competitive edge!

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