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Prepared for Anything Very few in sports are strangers to the sight —an athlete goes down, the athletic trainers rush to their aid, a spine board or stretcher is called, and the athlete is whisked away to a waiting ambulance. Often, the sequence occurs like clockwork. But in reality, a lack of proper planning and preparation for these incidents can make the difference between life and death. Continue Reading
All in the Neck Studies have shown that when an individual senses a collision with someone or something, they tense up. Research presented on Wednesday evening by Julianne Schmidt, PhD, ATC, Assistant Professor of the Exercise Science Program at the University of Georgia, suggests that this reaction may serve as the basis for new initiatives in concussion prevention. In the following Q&A, May offers an overview of the presentation: Continue Reading
Into the Future In many minds, the idea of laser therapy might draw up images of lightsabers and spaceships. But as Douglas Johnson, ATC, EES, CLS, Co-Owner of Sports and Industrial Rehab, and Timothy Demchak, PhD, ATC, Associate Professor of Applied Medicine and Rehabilitation at Indiana State University, presented on Thursday morning, it's an emerging science in the field of sports medicine. Continue Reading
Conflict 101 Athletic trainers deal with conflict in the workplace just like many other professionals. With coworkers that can include national championship-winning coaches and athletic directors with seven-figure salaries, however, things can get a little more complicated. On Saturday morning, a panel presentation called, "Negative Encounters in the Workplace: Recognizing and Dealing with Various Forms of Conflict in Athletic Training Settings," aimed to address some of the tricky situations that can arise. Scott Anderson offers a brief synopsis of the presentation here: Continue Reading
Top of the Class Friday afternoon brought with it a new class inducted in the NATA Hall of Fame. This year's six inductees are all incredibly accomplished and have contributed greatly to the field of athletic training. The NATA did a fantastic job of putting a video tribute together for each inductee, and their speeches were moving and from the heart. All in all, it was a fantastic way to honor the class of 2014. Congratulations to all! Continue Reading
Going Out on Top On the AT Expo floor on Friday morning, T&C's 2014 Most Valuable Athletic Trainer Award, sponsored by Sports Health, was presented to Brian Robinson. For the past 37 years, Robinson, MS, ATC, LAT, has served as the Head Athletic Trainer at Glenbrook South High School in Glenview, Ill., building a model sports medicine program. Continue Reading
See You in St. Louis You may want to start planning for next year's convention while it's still fresh in your mind. The 2015 convention will be held in St. Louis, Mo., June 23 through 26. Continue Reading
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