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April 2018
Road Food: Feeding Your Athletes During Travel
By: Heidi Strickler, RDN, CD
Collegiate & Professional Sports Dietitians Association Member
Both local road travel and long-distance air travel can throw a wrench into an athlete’s eating routine and can compromise performance and overall health. Trouble sleeping, lack of refrigeration and familiar foods, time zone and climate changes, increased reliance on eating out, motion sickness, and inconsistent meal timing are just a few of the obstacles traveling athletes face. Read on for tips to optimize your athlete’s nutrition during travel.
Q 1. If an athlete is trying to lose weight, should they cut carbs?

A 1. Monitoring carbohydrate intake can be an effective way for athletes to shed some pounds, but as carbohydrate intake directly correlates with performance for many athletes carbohydrates should never be completely eliminated, and this process should be overseen by a Sports Dietitian.

Q 2. How much protein is needed post-workout?

A 2. Oftentimes athletes overestimate how much protein is needed post workout. Surprisingly, regardless of an athlete’s size, post-workout protein needs are only around 20-30 grams, and should be combined with carbohydrate to maximize recovery efforts.”.

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