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March 2018
Macronutrient needs of endurance and power athletes
Many sports dietitians find themselves working with an array of different sports and advising athletes with a wide variety of needs. When it comes to personalizing nutrition advice, the most basic question boils down to: “Is the individual an endurance athlete or a power athlete?”
Q 1. My Athlete is interested in using a pre-workout supplement-is this safe?

A 1. proceed with caution here. While there are some safe and effective preworkout supplements, many contain varying amounts of caffeine and other stimulants-including energy drinks/shots! First confirm that your athlete is fueling appropriately, as food itself (especially carbohydrate) provides ample energy for most athletes. If they still feel like they need that extra “boost” (and can’t get it from a natural source like a cup of coffee) they should talk to a Sports Dietitian.

Q 2. What is ideal timing for a pregame meal?

A 2. Ideally a pregame meal should be between 3-4 hours before competition, allowing plenty of time for digestion and fuel stores to be adequately “topped off”.

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Water Is Not Enough in Fighting Dehydration
Dr. John Greenleaf, Exercise Physiologist and researcher at NASA’s Ames Research Center, spent over a decade conducting scientific studies to develop and optimize a prepackaged formula for dehydrated astronauts. He replaced much of the sodium chloride (table salt) with sodium citrate, easing the side effects of salt on the stomach, and added a high-intensity sweetener to make the sugar-free formula more palatable. In fact, the formula proved far better, not only for fighting dehydration symptoms, but also for protecting the body from overheating in times of intense exertion or in high heat settings, as well as significantly increasing athletic endurance. ”
The Right Stuff®: NASA-developed, sugar-free, electrolyte, liquid-concentrate, drink additive for those who train and compete hard. It is better for fighting dehydration symptoms (like cramps), protecting the body from overheating AND increasing endurance more than any other NASA tested formula. Used by endurance athletes and High Schools, Colleges, Pro Teams across the US as well as first responders and industrial workers. NSF Certified for Sport