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January 2018
Post Workout recovery: It’s More Than Just Protein
Athletes are more aware than ever of the importance of sports nutrition, and many know that they should be including post-workout nutrition as part of their routine. If they aren’t properly fueling and recovering with the nutrients their body needs, they may not see the success they are expecting.
Q 1. Should athletes take a multivitamin?

A 1. While athletes tend to have slightly higher micronutrient needs due to their increased activity levels and stress placed on the body, most athletes tend to get these additional vitamins and minerals through larger food intakes. If an athlete has a poor diet, is restricting calories, or has dietary restrictions they should look into including an approved multivitamin.

Q 2. What is the best post workout protein supplement?

A 2. Truthfully, these needs can be met through food alone and without a supplement, but ready-to-drink shakes or powders can be convenient for athletes on the go. If using a supplement, it should include carbohydrate and protein, and have a third party approval—such as Informed Choice or NSF certifications—on the label.

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What readers should know: Hydration in the Winter
Many athletes understand the importance of hydration in the warmer months of the year. However, it’s equally critical to remember the importance of remaining hydrated during the winter months, too!

The human body needs to maintain its hydration levels to perform normal functions. The body loses fluids mostly by means of urination, sweating during high-performance activities,

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