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How to Choose the Right Cleaning Product for the Job

In recent TV news features and magazine articles, we have learned of the threat from germs and bacteria in health clubs and gyms. Cleaning products make claims such as “disinfects”, “sanitizes”, “kills germs”, and more. But what do these terms really mean? Which is best? What do they have to do with your club?

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Hey Batter Batter!
ONLY $2995

Keep score in style this season with the VSBX-385 from Varsity Scoreboards. This stunning 16-foot wide cabinet includes two-digit inning display and Hit-Error indicator. Varsity Scoreboards guarantees the lowest prices in the industry - you’ll save 33% or more buying factory-direct!

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One Solution.
Unlimited Venues.

eVenue Thunder™ is a revolutionary, scalable, and mobile event management system that offers concert-quality audio and workflow management for any venue. Unique and mobile ePods can be used for athletics, marching band, dances, pep rallies, fundraisers, and more in order to provide audio coverage and ensure a better fan experience.

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Ready to Roll

Myofascial rolling tools including the TheraBand Roller Massager+ and the TheraBand Pro Foam Roller have been shown to decrease muscle soreness, and to increase range of motion, all without impairing athletic performance, according to a review of 14 studies published in 2015.

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G-Force Shoes

The best baseball players in the world generate immense power by maximizing their ground reaction force, which they do by shifting their weight to the inside of their legs. Athalonz G-Force Shoes include patented Optimal Athletic Positioning (OAP) technology that allows baseball and softball players to maximize their ground reaction force by automatically shifting weight to the inside of the legs.

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Force Wipes:
Faster Germ Kill

Force Wipes has a faster germ kill! The improved Force Wipes product has a non-residue formula that kills over 50 different pathogens from MRSA to HIV within 4 minutes - the fastest time in non-alcohol cleaning! The new formula is virtually zero-residue, increasing utilization on screens and sensors. 2XL Corporation: the leader in safe and hygienic maintenance solutions for all surfaces related to fitness, rehabilitation, recreational and high traffic surfaces.

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