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Make a Statement

The Athletic Edge™ partners with athletic programs nationwide to plan and build locker rooms, training areas, and rehabilitation settings designed to make a statement, inspiring your athletes, alumni, donors and visitors. The company's unique standard multi-configuration modular designs fit any space, are durable and professional, and may also be custom-built and custom-branded. All of its products are manufactured at its two American sites.

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Commercial Dumbbells

PowerBlock® Commercial Dumbbells have the ability to replace up to 22 pairs of dumbbells in the space of one. The dumbbells and stand require just 19" x 21" of floor space. Sizes are available to meet any lifter's needs: 2.5-20, 4-32, 10- 50, 5-90, 12.5-125, and 12.5-175 pounds per hand. PowerBlocks are perfect for workstation set-ups as you can fit a set and stand at each power rack. The gallery on the company's commercial Web site shows some facility set-up ideas. For more information, call 800-446-5215.

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95% less water in 8 seconds
The SUITMATE® swimsuit water extractor is an innovative system that removes 95% of the water from a wet swimsuit in eight seconds, without using heat. The SUITMATE® unit is a highly valued amenity not only for guests, but also for property owners as it helps prevent water damage from dripping wet swimsuits resulting in a cleaner, dryer environment for all.

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The Future of Training Apparel™

Force's Morphlex™ apparel line combines the benefits of elastic resistance with the importance of unrestricted mobility. Morphlex™ apparel is made of moisture wicking performance fabric and elastic resistance bands which provide lightweight, unrestricting resistance to the athlete's anterior or posterior chain. It's time your athletes gain a competitive advantage through their training apparel.

For questions, comments, or concerns please contact Derek Anderson, the Founder of Force.

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