Explosiveness is important in all types of sports. Athletes need to be able to run, jump, and move in rapid succession in order to perform at a high level. Here are products that help make your athletes more explosive.
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Perfecting Sprinting Technique: The Perfect Technique for Faster Athletes
Whether going for a first down or tracking a fly ball, coaches want athletes to do their job as efficiently and quickly as possible. Unfortunately, many athletes have been ingrained with a style of running that makes meeting this expectation difficult, no matter how much conditioning they engage in. READ MORE
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Explosive Training with the MostFit Core Hammer!
You can't get more explosive than a sledgehammer swing. And sledgehammer swings just got much more accessible with the MostFit Core Hammer. READ MORE
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Overspeed Training
Recently we've heard from some of our customers about how they're using our TurfCordz® Safety Cord Speed Belt and Super Bungie kit with overspeed training. In this blog, we'll introduce you to the concept of overspeed training itself and show you how our NZ Manufacturing products are beneficial to these types of exercises. READ MORE
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PowerBlock: Adjust for Success
IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida serves 1100 athletes full-time, while between 500 to 1500 athletes attend summer camps at the boarding school. The Academy is able to serve a multitude of athletes at one time in its strength training facility by utilizing sets of PowerBlock dumbbells.
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Total Gym: Athletes Just Get Better Faster
Strength coaches and athletic trainers use Total Gym adjustable incline bodyweight training in their sports recovery and functional exercise programs and they love it.
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