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High-Intensity Training
Matrix Fitness has introduced the S-Force Performance Trainer to help athletes become faster and stronger through intensity training. Coaches can be certain their athletes get the most out of each training session as magnetic resistance increases the harder the athlete works, creating progressively challenging workouts. Athletes also have instant access to Sprint 8, interval training, and goal-based programs with clearly defined quick keys.

Reducing Pain, Accelerating Healing
Recent advances in equipment and better understanding of photobiomodulation (PBM) has shown that laser therapy is effective in reducing pain and inflammation and accelerating healing. Many colleges have therefore started to use laser therapy as a way to treat athletes. LightForce’s new i-series of therapy lasers is helping to meet this need by providing precise, effective treatment. These lasers feature influence® Technology, which applies a combination of hardware and software advances to achieve the best outcomes.


Solar-Powered Scoreboards
Now more than ever, athletic programs are searching for newer and better ways to use clean energy and sustain natural resources for future generations. With Eversan’s solar system, athletic directors can power any scoreboard system under 14’ long with free renewable energy. This system also allows scoreboards to be placed almost anywhere, as athletic directors don’t have to find or create a power source. Instead, they can easily attach the solar solution to the scoreboard structure, plug it in, and the scoreboard is ready for game day.

Treatment on the Sidelines
Athletic trainers are using the Rhino Medical SuperCart to examine and treat athletes right on the sidelines. Along with providing a sturdy work surface, the cart also has enough space to store and transport beverage coolers, athletic tape, and medical supplies. Teams can also get custom graphics put on the side of the carts. Dale Mildenberger, ATC, member of the NATA Hall of Fame, explains the benefits in a video.

Colder Than Ice
Hudson Aquatic Systems offers cold salt water therapy for athletes thanks to a partnership with CET Cryospas. With the new CryoSpa Team Sport and CryoSpa Mini, coaches and athletic trainers can help reduce their athletes’ fatigue and improve their performance. Athletes will also recover faster and minimize the risk of future injury as these systems transfer the “colder than ice” feel to affected areas better than ice itself.

Improvements in Performance and Durability
Daktronics constantly puts its scoreboards through a series of tests in order to improve their performance and durability. These tests include placing products in an environmental simulator, a thermal shock chamber, a salt fog chamber, and plunging them into a tank of water, just to name a few. This has helped Daktronics create LED displays with a lifetime estimate of 10 years, whereas most other products last only 3 to 5 years.

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