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Revolutionize Your Court
During competition, coaches and athletic directors shouldn’t need to waste precious time and energy changing a damaged backboard and goal. With GARED’s Quick Connect Cart for Basketball Backstops, coaches and athletic directors can now keep fans engaged and get back to the game faster as a backboard and goal can be easily removed and installed in less than four minutes, rather than the typical half an hour.

Keeping Fans Hydrated
Waterboy Sports safeguards the fans of your games as much as they do the athletes. Athletic directors can better protect their spectators from dehydration with the Flexi-Fountain, a portable fountain with six drinking bubblers. When competition heats up, this durable, lightweight, and easily assembled drinking fountain allows athletic directors to give fans an endless supply of water without the hassle of waiting in long lines.

Defending Against Head Injuries
The Iron Neck, an innovative product to help protect athletes from concussions and head injuries, is now available at lower pricing. If athletes strengthen their neck and core in every possible position, they can better defend themselves against the dangers of whiplash. Safe and portable, The Iron Neck gives athletes and coaches the confidence that they are training the neck in the most effective and efficient way.

Don’t Settle for Bare Fences
Dura-Mesh Fence Graphics by BigSigns allows you to cover bare fences at your facility with a unique sign that represents your school or team. The screens are customizable and UV protected, so they will not fade from sitting out in the sun. Many schools have used these signs as a branding opportunity and a way to promote pride in their athletic programs. To see what Dura-Mesh Fence Graphics have to offer, check out this video:

Increase Your Setup Efficiency
Spend less effort setting up for a volleyball match with the CarbonMax Composite System from Bison, Inc. You no longer need to worry about the process of tightening the net after altering its height, as a crank style internal net height adjustment allows for easy modification without creating any slack. Setup of the CarbonMax Composite System is made even easier as it is lighter than aluminum, while remaining as rigid as steel

New Way to Build Strength
MostFit’s Core Hammer allows you to mimic a tire workout, while being a much more portable and versatile tool. It can be used for cardio, strength, core, mobility, rotational, and impact exercises. And since it’s made out of solid urethane, it’s extremely durable. This is a fun, new way for athletes to build strength. Click below to watch a video and learn more

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