Training & Conditioning launched the "Excellence in Innovation" Awards Program to honor the products that are game-changers for sports administrators, coaches, sports medicine and strength/conditioning professionals who work with athletes.

We've produced a publication featuring all of the products that received recognition through the Excellence in Innovation Awards Program.
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Activity PAK by MedZone:
Core-Tex® Reactive Trainer::
Designed to provide a convenient and easy to travel with kit of MedZone’s four products.
Prevents blisters before they start
A simple approach to tracking the performance of an athlete’s brain health.
Allows injured athletes to functionally work on mobility independently

Everlast SmashTile
Exertools Plyoback Reflex Medicine Ball Rebounder:
E-Z Release Tab™:
Designed for areas where extreme durability and ultimate sound and shock absorption are required.
The perfect medicine ball exercise partner
Enhance the way you practice therapy.
Designed to re-surface your existing wood platform centers

Head & Neck Isolator™:
Iron Grip XL Handle Dumbbell::
Lift-X Platform w/Trak-X:
Marc Pro:
Specifically and safely targets and strengthens both the neck muscles and capital muscles of the head.
Challenges and trains grip strength with every rep, leading to improved strength and performance
Enhances the traditional weight training space to an area of creative and progressive movement integration
Revolutionary technology brings in nourishment and flushes out waste

McDavid Bio-Logix™ Ankle Brace
McDavid Bio-Logix™ Knee Brace:
OS1st AF7 Ankle Bracing Sleeve:
The first anatomically engineered-low profile ankle brace
An innovative product solution to the targeted requirements of advanced support and performance-enhancing, comfortable fit at an affordable retail price
The world’s first self-righting, remote-controlled tackling dummy
Ankle Bracing Sleeve: A one-of-a-kind ankle brace designed to stabilize without immobilizing for relief and balance while active

OS1st DS6 Decompression Sleeve
OS1st KS7 Performance Knee Sleeve:
Physiclo Pro Resistance Activewear:
Polar Breeze
A comfortable, wearable overnight and resting therapy
The first-ever knee brace designed to give powerful support while active
Activates an athlete’s muscles by more than 23%.
Helps to prevent all stages of heat illness.

PowerBlock KettleBlock Handle:
Pro-S Shin Guard:
Rhino Hydration CourtCart:
Shingo Imara™:
The most compact and ergonomic adjustable kettlebell ever.
The first fully soft, flexible shin guard to pass both CE and NOCSAE safety standards
Now you can professionalize your sidelines with a Rhino CourtCart
The two-part portable tool kit eloquently achieves head stabilization and neck strength

Shock Doctor Gel Max Power™ Mouthguard:
Spirit Medical MS300 Recumbent Stepper:
The Difference – The Ultimate Striking Machine:
Envelops teeth for the tightest protection and supreme comfort
Enables the comfort and convenience of the training room to come to the athletes on the sideline
Facilitates full-body exercise in coordinated, linear, natural 1:1 leg and arm motion.
The Ultimate Striking Machine: Develops upper-body strength, explosiveness, and a high-work capacity while enhancing an athlete’s hand placement and striking techniques

The Filling Station Ultimate Hydration System:
The HydroWorx 300:
The Iron Neck
Sanitary and fast – what more can you ask for?
Break through barriers, remain healthy, and stay in the game
Designed to train athletes’ necks to respond to the concussive forces faced on every field.
Trains “Reactive Strength” – it is the link to becoming strong and fast

Versa SRM:
Woodway TecnoBody ISO-FREE:
A total body, closed chain, rehabilitation exercise machine
Improves functional speed, agility, jumping, strength, and endurance
The world’s first activity-specific testing and training system.