Athletic Management launched the "Excellence in Innovation" Awards Program to honor the products that are game-changers for sports administrators, coaches, sports medicine and strength/conditioning professionals who work with athletes.

We've produced a publication featuring all of the products that received recognition through the Excellence in Innovation Awards Program.
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All Aluminum ShootOut No-Tip Portable Soccer Goals
Arena II Freestanding Portable System:
Bigfoot Line Array:
Cast License Plate:
100% lightweight—yet strong aluminum
For gyms where floor sockets or anchors are difficult, expensive or impossible
the newest, biggest, most powerful and innovative Portable Sound System on the market
Show your school spirit with our distinctive cast car accessories

Daktronics Curriculum:
Dura- Net- DV12.5- Softball Backstop Netting
Earth Networks Outdoor Alerting System:
Ephesus All Field Series LED Sports Light:
Create an unforgettable gameday experience while building upon your students' academic success
Knotless braided square mesh with a breaking strength of 190 lbs
Monitors and deploys a sequence of severe weather and lightning alerts
First LED fixture intended for retrofitting into existing field lighting infrastructure

Everlast SmashTile:
Formetco Sports and Entertainment Display:
G2L® Window Systems:
For areas where extreme durability and ultimate sound and shock absorption are required
Multi-purpose LED Sports and Entertainment Display
Frameless, sliding window solution for pressbox and luxury suite applications
Designed to re-surface your existing wood platform centers

Go Court® Portable Volleyball Systems:
GY-HM200SP Sports Production Streaming Camcorder
GymPro Covers Courtside Runners:
Head & Neck Isolator™:
Sleeveless and portable system that eliminates drilling into your gym floor
An innovative, affordable sports production camera that produces professional quality coverage of sporting events
Protect your players from Injury, and your gym floors from damage
Targets and strengthens both the cervical muscles of the neck and the capital muscles of the head

Lift-X Platform w/Trak-X:
Octasound Speakers:
Ozone Disinfection Tower:
Versatile and exceptional applications to the strength and conditioning and sports performance industry
Computer program designed to increase a player's mental preparedness and facilitate more efficient coaching methods
Projects sound in all directions to give true projected not reflected sound
New Ozone Disinfection Tower that can help eliminate 99.9 percent of all viruses, superbugs and bacteria in the wash

Philips LED ArenaVision:
Polar Breeze:
PowerBlock KettleBlock Handle:
Designed to meet for sports broadcasting, including ultra HDTV and super slow motion
Solid-top tile that marries the versatility and durability of a raised modular floor with the appearance of natural hardwood
Thermal rehab device that cools the body both internally as well as externally
Compact and ergonomic adjustable kettlebell

Rhino Hydration CourtCart
Sideline cart for basketball or volleyball that organizes your towels, drinks, cups, and athletic training supplies
A technologically advanced hydraulic banked track system
Protect players and fans from errant balls that could cause injury
Scalable, affordable jumbotrons that can pay for themselves

Sferic Maps & Mobile:
Smart Cart:
SPECTO® Sport Fencing Systems:
StateChamps Online Ticketing:
Combines the best of Earth Networks patented weather and lightning observation metrics with powerful data
A durable, functional and portable cart that stores equipment and can be used to evaluate and treat athletes
Maximizes usable space and increases field versatility
Patent-pending SHARE AND TEAR™ Technology for easy-to-use online ticket sales

The Difference:
The Filling Station Ultimate Hydration System:
The Iron Neck:
Toro Reelmaster 3555/3575:
Develops upper body strength and explosiveness while enhancing an athlete’s hand placement/striking techniques
Combines through-the-lid bottle filling with the proven durability of Waterboy Sports' Gen2
An efficient solution that trains the neck more efficiently and comprehensively
New mower that delivers a 100-inch (2.5 m) width of cut

Toro Workman GTX:
One of the most versatile grounds and turf crossover vehicles in its class
Designed to reduce head impacts by limiting linear and rotational impact forces