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The 94th American Football Coaches Association Conference will be held January 8-11 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee. Look for these companies if you will be at the show, or click on company links to learn about their products if you are not attending.
Join the Winning Team
When it comes to gameday situations, nothing sets a mind at ease more than knowing your event will go as planned without hiccups due to hardware issues. Formetco Sports LED Displays set the standard in reliability with unprecedented service and support. Visit us at AFCA Booth No. 218.

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Makes All the Throws

The Snap Attack Football Machine from Sports Attack features a pivoting throwing head that allows you to use it for punts, left- or right-handed spirals, and kickoffs covering 100 yards. When used at ground level, the same machine snaps the ball from 5 to 15 yards. And instant recovery allows rapid repetition and combination of drills. Visit us at AFCA Booth No. 960.

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Unlock Your Athletes' Explosive Potential

The S-Drive Performance Trainer provides high-intensity training ideal for helping athletes of all levels achieve their maximum potential. With the ability to simulate sprinting, sled pushing and resistance/parachute exercises, the S-Drive Performance Trainer can significantly enhance explosiveness and endurance. The S-Drive's unique design and signature training protocols makes it easier than ever for coaches and trainers to refine form with instant feedback and adjust resistance to create a program progression tailor-made for the athletes' goals. Visit us at AFCA Booth No. 1067.

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Strong and Smooth

The Pro Select Combo Leg Extension/Leg Curl includes a 300-pound weight stack with a ratchet lock back pad adjustment along with an adjustable tibia pad and start pad. It features a 1-1/4-inch grip diameter with three-inch-thick pads for user comfort and heavy-weight stacks. All movable joints feature ball bearings versus bushing, which results in smoother motion. Visit us at AFCA Booth No. 845.

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Make Your Athletes' Workouts More Efficient?

Collar Your Laundry

Use Texon Laundry Collar with Alligator Clips by looping the strap through all pieces of your uniform to keep them together. The loop, with an attached sock clip, is designed to hold socks securely in an intuitive user friendly way. Made in the USA, the Laundry Collar with Alligator Clips is perfect for laundering high school, collegiate, and professional sports teams—and more. Visit us at AFCA Booth No. 930.

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Creating LEGENDS One Custom Locker at a Time

Legends Lockers manufactures and installs top-of-the-line custom wood lockers for high schools, colleges and pro teams. Legends Lockers offers all the finishing touches that make your locker room special including graphics, lighting, furniture, and custom solutions for specific sports like bat holders or helmet cubbies. See us at AFCA Booth #169

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Creating LEGENDs One Custom Locker at a Time

Self Contained Wireless Headsets

Porta Phone GOLD Series Wireless headsets are a new breed of wireless that features a transceiver installed inside the headset ear cup. This compact design eliminates belt pack radios and base stations, making the systems affordable. The Gold Series also include Spread Spectrum technology, which automatically switch to the best frequencies to avoid interference. Visit us at AFCA Booth No. 567.

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Get A Gryp

No more wasting time taping fingers or cutting the tips off gloves to improve grip. Vyse Gryppers feature a seamless, multi-climate, free-range design that offers optimal feel, grip, ventilation, and comfort when compared to standard gloves. And its patented textile technology proves more effective than tape by securing key joints and using a unique blend of thermo-reactive minerals in every fiber to convert body heat into infrared energy and emit it back into the body. Try Vyse Gryppers at AFCA Booth No. 221.

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Get a Gryp