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Keeping The Ankle Healthy
Ankle sprains are one of the most prevalent injuries athletic trainers see in the physically active and sport populations. They can also be one of the most difficult to treat effectively—lateral ankle sprains have a very high rate of recurrence, leading to a condition called “chronic ankle instability,” which involves lingering disability and dysfunction. Effective prevention strategies are an important aspect of tackling the ankle sprain health care burden.

Best-In-Class Multi-Sport Rigid Ankle Brace

From humble beginnings in an athletic training room of a Southern Indiana high school as part of a college class project to becoming a worldwide leader in the development of high value, high function foot and ankle products, Active Ankle has remained diligently focused on its mission.

Eclipse Braces
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Shock Doctor and McDavid Support Athletes with Top-of-the-Line Protection

Athlete protection and performance is at the heart of United Sports Brands (USB). Our primary unifying theme is to support athletes in a 360-degree manner, providing the tools necessary “before, during and after” athletic activity to prepare, protect, perform and recover.

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Pro-Tec Athletics Offers Multiple Supports to Help Fight Plantar Fasciitis!

Pro-Tec Athletics specializes in supportive, comfortable, and effective supports that are part of an entire line of over 70 sports medicine products. By combining advanced materials with technical designs, they are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation in braces and supports to meet the needs of today’s athlete.

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Solve Lower Body Injuries

Foot problems are a common occurrence, especially with athletes, who depend on their feet to perform. About 50% of NCAA football players will have a lower body injury to their feet, ankles or knees during their college careers. Insite Insoles can help to prevent these common injuries and reduce the risk of them occurring in the future.

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