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In The Fast Lane
Having quick, agile athletes is vital to most sports, so it should be a focus for every strength and conditioning program. We asked a roundtable of experts how they satisfy the need for speed in their training.

All New Reverse Back Extension Machines

The importance of a strong posterior chain—low back, glutes, hamstrings, and calves—is at the center of athletic performance training, with glutes and hamstrings often receiving the most focus. The reverse back extension is an exercise that...

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Training Circuit
The primary goal of this program is to create a circuit that is simple, functional, and progressive. Using the Kamagon Ball® and Surge®, these water filled tools from Hedstrom Fitness will allow trainers and coaches to create an environment that is both challenging and proprioceptive, and where participants will be provided with feedback on their performance not only from the coach but from the equipment as well.


Update Your Training Room

Power Systems has several new, must-have products that will power your potential to create a championship season. All Power Systems strength & performance products are specifically designed to offer the long-term durability needed for use in heavy-hitting, high volume athletic training programs.


The Strong Case for Strength Training

Strength training is a powerful tool. Across the sports spectrum, strength training – which includes exercises that use body weight, resistance bands, free weights and weight machines – has been shown to produce better athletic performances, improve balance, protect bones, create healthier sleeping patterns help people sleep better and even lower an athlete's risk of severe injuries.


PB Extreme Half Racks

PB Extreme Half Racks have been popping up in weight rooms and sports performance facilities all over the country. These quality racks have lots of unique features that make them ideal for high school, collegiate and professional settings.

Half Racks
Adjustable Bench


Mondo’s inlaid platforms enables owners to simplify maintenance and maximize use and flexibility of their strength and conditioning weight room space. MondoArmor, Weight-resistant 18mm rubber flooring has triple durometer vulcanized construction that resists impact, cutting and ripping. It has a patented hexagonal backing which provides the perfect blend of comfort and foot stability for all types of strength training.

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