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An Ounce of Prevention
When it comes to safeguarding your investment of a gymnasium floor or athletic field, protecting it with a specialized cover will pay dividends in the long run.

Laminated Versus Coated: What Is Right For You?

Putterman Athletics has been manufacturing for close to 100 years. With that kind of experience, assisting our customers in choosing the right Gym Floor Cover is second nature. We know what is best for our customers based on their environment, facility, and budget.

Gym Floor Covers

Protect Your Investment in Your Gym Floor

When it comes to protecting gym floors, not all gym floor coverings are created equal. Investing in a floor cover that can stand up to wear and tear of repeated use, while also providing the highest level of safety possible to customers, is critical.


Used by Champions and All-Stars

Football champions use Aer-Flo's exclusive VIPOL® Matrix material for Bench Zone® Sideline Turf Protectors with Chroma-Brond® imprint. Cleats cannot puncture the material—however, sunlight, air, and moisture can. It's easy to install and remove. And the same material is used in Aer-Flo’s BP Zone® and Cage Collar Turf Proctors for baseball and softball facilities. Made in the U.S. A., these products are available from the best sports equipment dealers.

Bench Zone® Sideline Turf Protector
BP Zone® Infield Turf Protector
Cross-Over Zone® Track Protector

The Power of Branding

FieldSaver® Spot Covers help with protecting the pitcher's mound, home plate, and bases. These six-ounce Poly and 18-ounce Vinyl spot covers are easy to handle and keep your field game-ready. Available in two styles--standard (with grommets) and weighted (no stakes required), in multiple sizes and colors. Imprint your logo with TuffPrint™, and benefit from The Power of Branding™.

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