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Ahead of the Storm
The recent spate of devastating storms across the Southeast once again showed that tragedy can strike quickly when the weather turns foul. High school and college administrators and athletic trainers who are charged with the safety of student-athletes, coaches, and spectators need to be aware of the dangers inclement weather, especially high winds and lightning, can pose.

Emergency Action Plans
Greg Louganis, Ryan Shay, Korey Stringer--familiar names to those of us in the athletic community. They participated in very different sports but have something in common: they were all injured (two, fatally) during a competition or practice. These incidents should prompt self-evaluation and raise some important questions. For starters, does your athletic department have an emergency action plan (EAP)?

Managing Weather Threats at
Sporting Events

Today there is a greater awareness surrounding the importance of predicting weather conditions and keeping athletes and spectators safe with game delays and evacuations. Sports officials must have a clear view of current conditions and an accurate understanding of how forecasted weather will impact their events.

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The First

It's almost 10pm on a warm summer evening. The sun set early behind a cloud, with occasional lightning. The eighth inning just ended in a tie. Excitement is building. Suddenly, lightning strikes the fence, injuring three people. What could have been done to prevent this?

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The SportsBoard 7.0 Made for Athletes

We are committed to assisting Athletic Trainers (ATCs) and Team Physicians as they provide the very best EMS care for their athletes. From our products for safely transporting a player from the field or court to our cutting-edge Continuing Education/EMS Training programs, we will provide the very best in SPORTS EMS to help you "Be Your Best!"

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What is Commotio Cordis?

Commotio cordis refers to sudden arrythmic death caused by a low or mild chest wall impact, and is seen mostly in athletes between the ages of 8 and 18 who are partaking in sports with projectiles such as baseballs, hockey pucks, or lacrosse balls. These projectiles can strike the athletes in the middle of the chest with low impact yet with enough force to cause the heart to enter an arrhythmia. Without immediate CPR and defibrillation the prognosis of commotio cordis is not very good. One Beat CPR + AED, a master distributor of Philips AED devices, provides tips on how to prevent, and AEDs to treat, commotio cordis.

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