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Reconditioning Your Maple Gymnasium Surface
An athletic department can add years to the life of its wood gym floor by adhering to a regular maintenance program and implementing procedures to prevent the likelihood of excess wear-and-tear on the surface. Here are tips on reconditioning and properly maintaining your maple wood surface.

Proper Care
of Your Gym Floor
Pays Off

Your hardwood athletic court sees a lot of activity. It's a big investment worth taking care of. Proper care can reduce expensive maintenance work. It also keeps floors safe for use. The number one cause of injury in athletics and PE classes is dust and dirt. Read more to see these simple maintenance tips for a safer, more beautiful floor.

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Cutting Edge Courts And Changing the Face of Basketball

From courts designed to provide the least amount of stress on the athlete to courts designed for quick install and take out, today's sports floors are engineered to perform. They are also designed to solidify branding campaigns, inspire fans and encourage sponsorship. The following is a crash course on how we got here, where we are going and what you need to know to make informed decisions about the court in your facility.

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GymTurf 365

Turn any building into an indoor field in minutes! Dollamur, the leader in wrestling mats and cheerleading carpet, has developed the first truly high-performance, portable, indoor turf. Simply roll out, play, and roll up without the need of additional padding, adhesives, or professional installers.

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Robbins MVP:
10 Years Later

What is the definition of a "good" sports floor? Is it the logos or graphics that grab everyone's eye? Or maybe the sound it makes when shoes squeak or balls bounce? For the avid sports fanatic these are all very important features. But believe it or not, for players, coaches, and athletic trainers, there's more important features to consider.

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MFMA - The Sports Flooring Authority

MFMA is the authoritative source of innovative technical information for maple and sports flooring systems. MFMA establishes product quality, Performance & Uniformity Standards (PUR), installation guidelines, maintenance issues and promotes the use of maple flooring products worldwide.

PUR standards
Performance requirements
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