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Stopping the Spread
To keep athletes safe from the effects of dangerous microorganisms, athletic trainers should arm themselves with appropriate antimicrobial products.

One-Step Cleaning

Protex™ ULTRA Disinfectant Wipes is a one-step cleaner/disinfectant effective against 40 pathogens, eliminating 99.9 percent of bacteria in 15 seconds, and disinfects in 4 minutes. Use Protex ULTRA on exercise equipment and mats, exam tables, countertops, and most hard, nonporous surfaces.

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Safe Solutions

GymWipes products provide full-spectrum protection to cost-effective solutions, offering the best value for the best price. 2XL Corporation is the leader in safe and hygienic maintenance solutions for surfaces related to fitness, rehabilitation, and recreational equipment.

2XL Corporation

Eliminate Outbreaks Within A Facility And Odors In Gear. But, Can It Be Prevented?

You have an outbreak within your facility. Or maybe you don't have an outbreak, but your locker room smells. Yes, it's a locker room, but there is actually science behind that odor. Now there is a solution for these problems.


Everything You Thought You Knew About Mopping Has Changed

No more using bulky mop buckets and dirty re-launderable mops that can spread harmful contaminants again. New to the Athletix Products™ line of innovative cleaning and disinfecting solutions, the Athletix Floor Mop provides a simple and effective way to clean gym floors.

Athletix Products
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Effective Equipment Sanitizing With GymValet

GymValet is the only holder specifically designed to attach sanitizing spray bottles and towels directly to training and conditioning equipment or adjoining walls. Convenient access to equipment sanitizing supplies can be your best guarantee against user-to-user transmission of bacteria and viruses.

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