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Tools of the Trade
February 11, 2013 - Issue 599
Politicians vs. Administrators
 South Carolina legislators are threatening to disband the South Carolina High School League. Read the full story...
Huskers Talk Sportsmanship
 Coaches and athletes from the University of Nebraska spoke about sportsmanship at a high school pep rally. Read the full story...
Spirit Week Ends Badly
 Two California high school student-athletes lost fingers during a tug-of-war for a Spirit week event during homecoming. Read the full story...
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Covermaster has provided gymnasium and outdoor field covers to school athletic departments and other athletic facilities for more than four decades. Check out their full supply of covers to meet your facility needs.

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As a Spectator
 The Athletic Director at Iowa State University was ejected from his son’s basketball game for criticizing a referee. Read the full story...
Football Rules Changes
 The NFHS has announced rules changes for high school football, headlined by three additional rules that address helmets coming off players’ heads during games. Read the full story...
Case Study
The Secrets to Success  We've had Gold Medal machines for more than 15 years. Our top three requirements are quality products, customer service, and profitability. They do a great job on meeting all of them and are always there to answer our questions. We've never had any problems and they even deliver! Plus, our new nacho machine was like dying and going to heaven with the time it saved us in clean-up. --Joe Corcoran, Athletic Director for Roger Bacon High School.
A New Plan
 The Youth Sports Safety Alliance has launched the first-ever “National Action Plan for Sports Safety,” which includes a call for every school to have an athletic trainer. Read the full story...
Visualizing Success
 At Bowdoin College, the women’s basketball team uses visualization training sessions several times a year. Read the full story...
Athletic Training’s Shining Sun
 In this recent podcast, Phoenix Suns Athletic Trainer Aaron Nelson discusses his career path and working for the Suns organization. Read the full story...
Product Showcase
Fundraising and Promotion  The keys to having a successful fundraiser include devoted volunteers, proper promotions, and the right product. The following companies can assist you in reaching your fundraising goals.
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Buyer’s Guide Showcase: Scoreboards and Bleachers
The following scoreboards and bleachers-related companies are advertisers in the Athletic Management Buyer’s Guide and you can click on the company name to visit its Web site.
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Play or Pay
 A Utah representative is proposing legislation that would require Utah schools to play two games against in-state rivals each year or else lose ticket sales tax exemptions. Read the full story...
Still Looking
 The gay college football player who was kicked off his team was offered a tryout at another school, before that offer was rescinded. Read the full story...
Coach Lures Fans
 A Pennsylvania high school basketball coach bought cheesesteaks for the first 50 fans who showed up to a recent game. Read the full story...
Ferris Mfg. Corp.
Ferris Mfg. Corp. is the maker of the PolyMem SportsWrap family of wound dressings.
Soil Conditioner
Game-On is a sports field soil conditioner that will not break your budget and will provide excellent results.
Power of Resistance
Powering athlete performance through resistance.
Synthetic Surfaces Inc.
Synthetic Surfaces Inc. is an adhesive company that specializes in one-part curing urethanes for installing synthetic turf, wood floors, and sport and recreational surfaces.
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