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Tools of the Trade
October 14, 2013 - Issue 634
Family Sues School District
 The family of a former New York high school ice hockey player is suing its school district, alleging the head coach kept their son on the j.v team for four years in retaliation for complaining about playing time with the varsity. Read the full story...
Start Your Engines
 Virginia Tech and the University of Tennessee are planning to play a football game at Bristol Motor Speedway. Read the full story...
Heads Together
 Youth, college, and professional sports organizations are forming a coalition to tackle concussions. Read the full story...
Featured E-zine

New York Barbells

New York Barbells has long provided weight training equipment to school athletic departments and other athletic facilities across the United States. Check out their full supply of equipment to meet your facility needs.

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Adding Texting
 The NCAA Division I Rules Working Group will re-introduce a rule that would lift restrictions on texting recruits, which is already in place in men’s basketball. Read the full story...
Making It Work
 We talked to Chris Collins, Head Men’s Basketball Coach at Northwestern University, about how he has made the texting rule work with his recruiting tactics. Read the full story...
Case Study
Reduce Ankle Injuries  The American Journal of Sports Medicine published the results of a study on the effect of ankle braces on injury rates in high school football players, performed at the University of Wisconsin by Timothy A. McGuine, PhD, ATC; Scott Hetzel, MS; Johnson Wilson, MD, MS; and Alison Brooks, MD, MPH. This study of over 2,000 high school football players proved that wearing the DJO Stabilizing Ankle Brace reduces the incidence of acute ankle injury by 61 percent.
Advice from a Veteran
 Celebrating his 25th year in the NFL, Jacksonville Jaguars Head Athletic Trainer Mike Ryan was recently profiled in an article about offensive lineman Luke Joeckel’s right high ankle fracture. Read the full story...
Abusive or Just Intense?
 At the University of Louisville, a group of women’s lacrosse players have accused their head coach of being abusive. Two team captains have gone on record to support their coach, saying they can handle the intensity. Read the full story...
Mixed Messages
 An overwhelming majority of top-tier professional athletes endorse nutrient-poor foods and drinks, according to a new study. Read the full story...
Product Showcase
Pain Management  No matter what we do to avoid it, pain is often an unfortunate byproduct of athletic performance training and competition. Luckily, there are plenty of products available designed to ease an athlete's suffering and get them back on track.
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Buyer’s Guide Showcase: Lockers, Equipment Storage & Laundry Equipment
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Students, Not Employees
 The Drake Group will pursue legislation that it says will restructure the NCAA and turn it “back into something more academic oriented.” Read the full story...
To Shake or Not
 In Kentucky, postgame handshakes are being discouraged by the state governing body. Read the full story...
Medical Forms First
 A longtime high school cross country coach was fired after runners were allegedly competing without proper medical forms in place. Read the full story...
A Market Leader
AstroTurf's accomplishments include introducing environmentally progressive turf systems, heat-reducing AstroFlect(TM) technology, and the RootZone(R) infill stabilization solution.
Regional Soil Blends
BEAM CLAY(R) offers regional infield mixes blended for every state and climate from bulk plants nationwide.
Foot and Ankle Care
DARCO International is dedicated to being the leading provider of post-op, trauma, and wound-care solutions to the global foot and ankle community.
Helps You Stay Hydrated
The Right Stuff(R) is a NASA-developed electrolyte drink additive to help you perform at your best.
Shamrock Farms
Shamrock Farms' Rockin' Refuel has a full line of products with natural protein to build and rebuild muscles.
Leading Provider
Sports Health is a leading provider of sports medicine supplies and equipment to schools, universities, and professional sports teams across the United States.
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