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Tools of the Trade
September 23, 2013 - Issue 631
Watching Their Words
 A look at New Jersey’s recently implemented ban on biased language at high school contests. Read the full story...
State of the Art
 Texas A&M has launched a social media hub for its football program, which shows recruits what it’s like to play for the Aggies. Read the full story...
Hazing Alleged
 A Tennessee high school girls’ basketball coach is accused of kicking two players off his team after they complained that his daughter hazed them. Read the full story...
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GearBoss by Wenger

This electronic publication highlights the GearBoss family of products for athletic departments—from athletic team lockers to specialized storage and transport solutions.

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It’s a Date
 Two top collegiate head wrestling coaches scheduled a match with each other—over Twitter. Read the full story...
High School Heisman Awards
 The Heisman Watch is on—and not just for college athletes. For the 20th year in a row, Wendy’s has teamed up with the Heisman Memorial Trophy to invite exceptional high school seniors to apply for the Wendy’s High School Heisman Award. Read the full story...
Case Study
Loosen The Hamstrings and Lower Back  By Ken Endelman Two areas that are always a problem point for athletic injury are tight hamstrings and a tight lower back. The beauty of Pilates is that the exercises can work and stretch every part of the body effectively. Here are two stretches - one each for the hamstring (and psoas) and the lower back. All you need is a foam roller and mat.
Safety in Football
 With the first few weeks of football underway, there are continued concerns about athlete safety. In response, the NATA has re-issued its statement on crown of the helmet violations and offers several resources. Read the full story...
Rhabdo Examined
 A leading expert looks at the risk of rhabdomyolysis in athletes and whether protein shakes might prevent the potentially fatal condition. Read the full story...
Coaches Suspended
 Five New Jersey high school football coaches have been suspended for allegedly bullying a player. Read the full story...
Product Showcase
Track and Field Equipment  Help your athletes get on track with these top-of-the-line products.
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Buyer’s Guide Showcase: Synthetic Turf
The following synthetic turf-related companies are advertisers in the Athletic Management Buyer’s Guide and you can click on the company name to visit its Web site.
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Non-Traditional Schools Debate
 The Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association is against a bill that would allow athletes who don’t go to WIAA schools to play for high school teams. Read the full story...
Coach Comes Out
 A Colorado high school cross-country coach shares his story about coming out as gay, after being married to another coach for 13 years. Read the full story...
Day at the Beach
 In Texas, the Galveston Independent School District hosted a cross country meet for 30 teams in a unique location—on the beach. Read the full story...
Biodex Balance Assessment Program
Pre-season and post-injury Balance Assessment - for the management of concussion.
Enhancing the Look of Your Field
Diamond Pro professional groundskeeping products deliver long-lasting performance and quality while enhancing the look and feel of a well-maintained field.
Cold Compression
Game Ready combines circulation of ice water and pneumatic progressive compression to help speed recovery.
Attacks Performance
Improve athlete balance and reaction time with the MAXX Attack Trainer.
One-Stop Shopping
TeamLeader specializes in supplying everything volleyball teams need. The company's wide variety of accessories includes: knee pads, ankle braces, socks, and shoes.
Hydration Station
WissTech Enterprises manufactures one of the world's finest portable beverage dispensers, the Hydration Station.
GreensGroomer WorldWide
Our product line provides efficiencies through simple product design, focused on low mechanical complexity and high reliability.
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