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Tools of the Trade
September 9, 2013 - Issue 629
Who’s the Boss?
 In a survey to athletic trainers at FBS schools, nearly half said they felt pressure from football coaches to return concussed players to action. In addition, many felt conflicts due to reporting directly to the head football coach. Read the full story...
One Gender Only
 A court ruling will allow the state of Pennsylvania to examine boys playing on girls’ high school athletic teams. Read the full story...
Fight Aftermath
 Following a fight between coaches, two Alabama high school football teams were placed on probation and one was banned from the playoffs. Read the full story...
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Michigan to Rename Athletic Campus
 The University of Michigan athletic department has received a $100 million donation and will re-name its athletic campus after the donor. Read the full story...
Painful Celebration
 What’s the best way to ruin a 75-yard touchdown run? An injury during the celebration afterwards, as experienced by the University of Georgia two weekends ago. Our expert gives his insights on avoiding “celebration injuries.” Read the full story...
Case Study
The Importance of Capturing Data  Collecting, compiling, and intelligently analyzing data is synonymous with sports. From the NFL Scouting Combine and sabermetrics (the term coined to describe the analysis of baseball statistics) to day-to-day training and high school team selection, data analysis has been the key to optimum progression in athletes.
Power Play
 A high school basketball coach claims he was fired for not playing the principal’s son. Read the full story...
Time to Celebrate
 Lafayette College’s men’s soccer program is planning to celebrate its 100th anniversary with much fanfare. Read the full story...
Railing Collapse Causes Injuries
 A dozen fans were injured at a high school football game when a railing at the stadium collapsed, sending them tumbling to the ground. Read the full story...
Product Showcase
Fundraising and Promotion  The following products can help your program develop more successful fundraising and promotions opportunities.
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Buyers Guide Showcase: Team Equipment
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Building Character
 Every day before practice, the Head Football Coach at Smiths Station High School has his team engage in character-building exercises. Read the full story...
An App for That
 Roanoke College has released its own app for its athletic teams. Read the full story...
Sweet Dreams
 New research is coming out indicating adequate sleep may help high school athletes reduce injuries. Read the full story...
Regional Soil Blends
BEAM CLAY(R) offers regional infield mixes blended for every state and climate from bulk plants nationwide.
Foot and Ankle Care
DARCO International is dedicated to being the leading provider of post-op, trauma, and wound-care solutions to the global foot and ankle community.
Variety to Suit Your Needs
Fathead is embodied with a passion to offer high-quality, action packed graphics of all sizes.
Thera-Gesic(R) by Mission Pharmacal
Thera-Gesic(R) has a special penetrating delivery system, which ensures maximum effectiveness against pain.
Protection and Performance
Shock Doctor products are created with a passion for sports and innovation, with a commitment to fearless athletes.
Leading Provider
Sports Health is a leading provider of sports medicine supplies and equipment to schools, universities, and professional sports teams across the United States.
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