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Tools of the Trade
June 10, 2013 - Issue 616
Walking Away
 A New Hampshire high school girls’ tennis player forfeited a state title match after being heckled by the crowd. Read the full story...
On the Floor
 The University of California has changed the design of its basketball court so that the school’s name is seen more often by fans and TV viewers. Read the full story...
Complaint Dismissed
 The U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights has dismissed a complaint seeking to ban the use of American Indian mascots in K-12 schools. Read the full story...

Featured E-Zine
Training & Conditioning's 2013 AT Expo Preview in the May/June issue, includes the NATA Show exhibitor listing, advertisements, and product listings from companies. URLs listed in this publication are active, meaning you can click on a company's Web site to learn about the company and its products.

^Click here to view T&C's AT Expo Preview.

^Click here for tickets from advertisers in the T&C's 2013 AT Expo Preview to enter contests and drawings or receive discounts from exhibitors at the NATA Show.

Pac-12 Announces Health Initiative
 Through research, a conference, and mandating limits on contact in football, the Pac-12 has announced a new initiative focused on student-athlete health and safety. Read the full story...
Side Effects
 A look at the use of Adderall and other ADHD drugs by college athletes, especially baseball players. Read the full story...
Fired AD Responds
 After he was fired due to his handling of a coaching change, the athletic director at the University of Alaska Anchorage said the school’s president “may be mentally ill.” Read the full story...
Quad Amputee a Baseball Star
 An Illinois high school baseball player who had four amputations as a teenager still excels as a second baseman using a special glove and bat. Read the full story...
Point Shaving Accusation
 A former Auburn University men’s basketball player has been accused of shaving points in a game last season. Read the full story...
Product Showcase
NATA Preview  The 64th Annual Meeting of the National Athletic Trainers' Association (NATA) in Las Vegas is right around the corner. The following companies and products will be on hand.
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Buyer’s Guide Showcase: Fundraising & Promotion
The following fundraising & promotion-related companies are advertisers in the Athletic Management Buyer’s Guide and you can click on the company name to visit its Web site.
To look up potential vendors for other purchases, go to
Football Bash a Success
 A high school athletic department held a “Bugs and Bombers Bash” for the football team, which included a crawfish boil and a community parent meeting. Read the full story...
Through Video
 The new head football coach at Western Michigan University is trying to drum up fan interest through a series of videos. Read the full story...
Close Shave
 In Kentucky, a high school baseball coach let his players shave the school’s initials into his chest hair after they won a regional title. Read the full story...
Increase Profits
Since 1931, Gold Medal has been dedicated to helping you increase your profits.
GreensGroomer WorldWide
Our product line provides efficiencies through simple product design, focused on low mechanical complexity and high reliability.
Nature's Wellness Drink
Refuel and recover after workouts with Milk, nature's wellness drink.
Vero Beach Sports Village
Vero Beach Sports Village gives teams the opportunity to train, live and play together in an environment where athletes could develop their skills to the highest level.
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