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Tools of the Trade
April 22, 2013 - Issue 609
Blowout Win Raises Eyebrows
 A high school baseball game that ended with one team up 65-0 after three innings had the winning coach searching for ways to end it sooner. Read the full story...
Logo Feedback
 University of Connecticut officials have received a lot of negative feedback from alums on a new athletic logo. Read the full story...
Moving Up Proposal Turned Down
 In Colorado, the CHSAA narrowly defeated a proposal for a system that would have had private schools move up a classification if their athletic teams achieved a certain level of success in any one year. Read the full story...
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Marathon Response
 Amid the horror of last week’s Boston Marathon bombings, heroes emerged on a variety of levels. Many of them were athletic trainers. Read the full story...
Living with MS
 In this video interview, Leo Katsetos, Senior Associate Athletic Director for Athletic Training at Sacred Heart University, talks about working and living with multiple sclerosis. Read the full story...
Case Study
Cutting-Edge Technology  After testing it out last season, the Phoenix Suns invested in the Zephyr training system, which consists of a wearable monitoring device to help the training staff gather vital data and information about players' fitness levels. To complement the update, the team also added a performance and recovery consultant, Tyler Wallace, to oversee the new system.
Price of Concussion
 Football coaches react to a jury’s award of $11.5 million to a former high school player who suffers from severe brain damage and partial paralysis as the result of a concussion. Read the full story...
On The Road
 The University of Maryland football team practiced at some local high schools to drum up support and fan interest. Read the full story...
Players’ Response
 A new study says that college athletes find verbally aggressive coaches to be less credible. Read the full story...
Product Showcase
CSCCa Preview  Plan now to attend the 2013 CSCCa Annual National Conference, which will be held May 8-10 in Kansas City, Mo. The following companies will be showcased at the event.
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Buyers Guide Showcase: Team Equipment
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In the Movies
 If you join others nationwide in going to see the movie “42” about the life of Jackie Robinson, be sure to cheer on Brooklyn Dodgers third baseman Spider Jorgensen. He is also the Athletic Director at Grundy County (Tenn.) High School. Read the full story...
Utica College Suspends Team
 Utica suspended its baseball team for six games due to a “behavioral issue,” after freshmen wore children’s pajamas in an airport on a recent road trip. Read the full story...
NFHS Swim Rules Updated
 Last week, new rules for high school swimming and diving were announced, with the biggest change coming in the breaststroke. Read the full story...
Flexall Gels
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Physical Therapy Rehabilitation
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Vero Beach Sports Village
Vero Beach Sports Village gives teams the opportunity to train, live and play together in an environment where athletes could develop their skills to the highest level.
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