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Tools of the Trade
March 11, 2013 - Issue 603
NCAA Proposals Suspended
 The NCAA’s Rules Working Group has recommended the D-I Board of Directors suspend and modify two recruiting-related rules it had passed in January. Read the full story...
Judgment Day
 In Florida, proposed FHSAA legislation would put eligibility rulings for student-athletes in the hands of a judge. Read the full story...
An App for That
 A new smartphone app encourages more interactivity at college games, giving users points for doing things such as having a photo taken with a head coach. Read the full story...
Featured E-Zine

New York Barbells

New York Barbells has long provided weight training equipment to school athletic departments and other athletic facilities across the United States. Check out their full supply of equipment to meet your facility needs.

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Celebrating 25 Years
 This year, Athletic Management celebrates its silver anniversary and is revisiting articles published 25 years ago. We recently spoke with Bob Madden, who was and still is the foremost expert on athletic fundraising auctions. Read the full story...
Full Support
 The NFHS recently announced that it is in full support of the policy of inclusion that underlies the guidelines issued by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR). Read the full story...
Case Study
Team Training with the Lebert Equalizer(TM)  As a trainer I can appreciate the conditioning young athletes must attain to perform well in their sport. While traditional weight training has its place, many of today's modern athletes have access to trainers and programs that specialize in getting them prepared for the next level with training that involves (but not limited to) enhanced core conditioning, sport specific training, flexibility, psychology, nutrition and more. Gone are the days when an athlete shows up to training camp to get into shape. Now they had better show up in shape and ready to compete and even outshine other athletes with their superior conditioning.
Stopping Abuse
 How can athletic directors be sure their coaches are not verbally abusive, racially insensitive, or allowing hazing? This author suggests setting up a hotline and a third-party person for athletes to talk to. Read the full story...
March is the Month
 A look at how some schools are celebrating National Athletic Training Month. Read the full story...
AD Furious at ATC
 A Boston high school athletic director is angry that an athletic trainer removed a girls’ basketball player from a recent state tournament game suspecting the athlete had a concussion. Subsequent testing showed she did not. Read the full story...
Product Showcase
Basketball Facility Equipment  These top manufacturers can fill all of your basketball equipment and facility needs with cutting-edge ideas and products.
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Buyer’s Guide Showcase: Strength Training & Injury Prevention
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New Look at OSU
 Oregon State University has re-branded its athletic department with completely new uniforms for all sports teams. Read the full story...
Student-Manager Tribute
 Two middle school basketball teams played the entire fourth quarter of a recent game in wheelchairs as a tribute to a student-manager. Read the full story...
AD Pay Keeps Rising
 The average pay for NCAA Division I athletic directors has increased more than 14 percent over the last year and a half. Read the full story...
American Sports Builders Assn.
Recognized source of technical information when building a sports facility.
GreensGroomer WorldWide
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i1 Biometrics
i1 Biometrics is working with leading universities and top high school sports programs nationwide to help track head impacts.
Nature's Wellness Drink
Refuel and recover after workouts with Milk, nature's wellness drink.
High Quality Strength Training
Power Lift is a leading manufacturer of high-quality strength-training equipment.
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