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Tools of the Trade
March 4, 2013 - Issue 602
Alabama May Limit Hitting
 The Alabama High School Athletic Association is discussing limiting hitting in football practices to twice a week. Read the full story...
Women’s vs. Men’s Game Times
 The Summit League may revisit its practice of “mirror scheduling,” after it struggled to increase interest in the women’s game. Read the full story...
Best Fan in the House
 A New Jersey high school basketball team held a ceremony on Senior Night honoring a longtime fan who is also a Special Olympian. Read the full story...
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2013 Training & Conditioning Buyer’s Guide

The 2013 Training & Conditioning Buyer’s Guide includes expanded product listings not available in print. URLs listed in this publication are active, meaning you can click on a company’s Web site where it appears in the Buyer’s Guide to learn about the company and its products.

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For a Song
 At the University of Minnesota, a wrestler has lost his eligibility for the season after writing and making songs available for download from iTunes. Read the full story...
Headers Not Okay?
 A recent study found that head impacts, such as heading a soccer ball, can cause cognitive deficits even without a concussion occurring. Read the full story...
Case Study
Good Communication Is The Key  Let MomentumMedia help you create a personalized, professional electronic newsletter system to keep athletes, parents, and and athletic department boosters connected and up-to-date on team and program happenings.
Realignment in D-III
 NCAA Division III will attempt to realign regions as a way to keep competitive equity. Read the full story...
Spirit of Sport Winners
  Two Kentucky high schools have been selected as national recipients of the NFHS National High School Spirit of Sport Award. Read the full story...
Going Social
 Northwestern University held “Social Media Night” at a recent basketball game, asking students to register with their Twitter accounts before attending. Read the full story...
Product Showcase
Knee Braces and Supports  Whether you are looking to prevent, protect or rehab a knee injury, these braces and supports will prove to be effective measures for improving athletic performance.
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Buyer’s Guide Showcase: Flooring
The following flooring-related companies are advertisers in the Athletic Management Buyer’s Guide and you can click on the company name to visit its Web site.
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NFL To Use iPad Concussion App
 Starting next season, all 32 NFL teams will conduct sideline head injury evaluations using iPads outfitted with concussion assessment software. Read the full story...
Talent Fight
 Minnesota high school ice hockey coaches don’t want to keep losing players to Major Junior teams. One coach removed a player who visited a team from the high school roster. Read the full story...
Coach Takes the Wheel
 Coaches and players on the University of Maine women’s basketball team survived a bus crash with only injuries after the driver suffered a medical issue and the head coach had to grab the wheel. Read the full story...
Ankle Injury Prevention/Treatment
Active Ankle braces can protect you from injury and help speed recovery.
Setting The Standard
A-Turf sets the standard in the synthetic turf industry.
MetroMedia Technologies
MMT is a MEDIA DISPLAY COMPANY serving the advertising, sports and commercial graphics industries.
Shamrock Farms
Shamrock Farms' Rockin' Refuel has a full line of products with natural protein to build and rebuild muscles.
PSM solutions
Zephyr(TM) is a global leader in developing real-time physiological and biomechanical monitoring, or Physical Status Monitoring (PSM) solutions.
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