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Tools of the Trade
December 17, 2012 - Issue 592
Beyond a Blowout
 A high school girls’ basketball game that ended 107-2 has raised the possibility of implementing a running clock or mercy rule in Indiana. Read the full story...
Triathlon Gains Ground
 With six schools on board to start the sport of triathlon, USA Triathlon is making a push for the running, swimming, biking event to become an NCAA emerging sport. Read the full story...
No Longer Welcome
 In Arizona, the AIA rescinded the membership of Phoenix Westwind Prep Academy. Read the full story...
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Athletic Management DIGITAL Buyer’s Guide

The Athletic Management Buyer’s Guide includes expanded product listings not available in print. URLs listed in this publication are active, meaning you can click on a company’s Web site where it appears in the Buyer’s Guide to learn about the company and its products.

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Lifesaving Play
 When Utah State University men’s basketball player Danny Berger collapsed during a practice Dec. 4, Aggies’ Athletic Trainer Mike Williams sprang into action. Thanks to Williams’s quick thinking and an AED that was located nearby, Berger is alive and well. Read the full story...
Putting on the Brakes
 Despite knowing his team needed a 16-0 win to advance in a tournament, an Arizona high school soccer coach instructed his team to stop shooting once they got a 6-0 lead. Read the full story...
Case Study
Mainstream Acceptance Rolling for Kinesiology Tape  It's becoming more commonplace to see athletes with therapeutic stretch tape, also called kinesiology tape, on various parts of their bodies. While some sports medicine professionals still view the use of the tape as a rather unconventional treatment option, many athletic trainers have discovered its extensive benefits. Without a doubt, kinesiology tape is moving center stage, gaining fans, and heading toward mainstream acceptance.
Back in the Saddle
 University of Wisconsin Athletic Director Barry Alvarez will step into his old shoes and coach the football team during the Rose Bowl. He will also receive $118,500 for his efforts. Read the full story...
Bar Lowered in Detroit
 Detroit Public Schools, struggling with a 60 percent dropout rate, have lowered the minimum GPA for student-athletes to 1.67. Read the full story...
Coach Suspended
 Rutgers University has suspended its Head Men’s Basketball Coach after finding out he threw basketballs at players’ heads. Read the full story...
Product Showcase
ABCA Preview  The 2013 ABCA Convention is January 3-6, in Chicago, Illinois. The following companies will be exhibiting at the show.
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Buyer’s Guide Showcase: Gym/Pool Components
The following gym/pool components-related companies are advertisers in the Athletic Management Buyer’s Guide and you can click on the company name to visit its Web site.
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Welcome Back
 Two North Carolina high school football teams played an alumni game, raising $30,000 for Alumni Football USA, and over $4,000 for the host school. Read the full story...
Mascot in Trouble
 The University of West Virginia mascot is in hot water after using his school-issued musket to shoot a bear from a tree. Read the full story...
Work-Life Balance
 The head softball coach at the University of Oklahoma skipped her induction into the NFCA Hall of Fame to watch her son play in the state championship football game. Read the full story...
Armacell's ArmaSport(R)
Armacell's ArmaSport(R) is the preferred turf underlayment pad system.
Revolt Against Joint Pain
Ease knee, ankle, and shoulder discomfort with Cho-Pat sport medical devices.
Increase Profits
Since 1931, Gold Medal has been dedicated to helping you increase your profits.
Architecture Services
Find architecture services, including diverse architecture, planning, and signage/graphic design at Heery International, Inc.
Outdoor Manufacturing
Kay Park Recreation has been a trusted manufacturer of commercial outdoor furniture since 1954.
Rubber Flooring
Mondo is the largest worldwide producer of rubber flooring, with four factories servicing more than 130 countries.
Advanced Athletic Medicine
Discover how you can equip your athletes with advanced sports medicine products.
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