Field need a facelift?
Many universities and sports organizations are upgrading their athletic facilities by wrapping their bleacher tops, bleacher backs, and outfield and chain-link fences with Dura-Mesh fence screens from Athletic directors and coaches say that not only does this improve the appearance of their stadiums, but it also helps brand their programs. Better, eye-catching stadium graphics can also have benefits while recruiting.
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Quality Time
Vero Beach Sports Village provides the ideal setting to enable your team to grow together and better prepare for your upcoming season. Everything you need is here at this 67-acre sports and conference center. The complex can be configured to accommodate a variety of sports, and features an abundance of competition and practice fields, along with on-site housing, dining, and recreation, allowing your team to spend quality time together on and off the field.
Vero Beach Sports Village
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As Cool As Ice
The ZAMST IW-1 ICING SET provides easy wrapping and immobilization of one ice bag (included). Ideal for R.I.C.E. procedure since the dual-strap design enables accurate placement of the ice bag and adjustable compression of the affected body part. Perfect for foot, ankle, knee, wrist and elbow. The ZAMST IW-1 ICING SET is machine washable and includes one medium ice bag.
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Timing, Timing, Timing
The new E-Hack pitching machine is computerized and programmable. It throws fastballs, curveballs, change-ups, and any other pitch in any sequence, just like live pitching. All this comes from Hack Attack, using its proven vision, velocity, breaking ball, reliability, durability, and performance to bring you one of the best pitching machines ever created. This innovative training tool will be at the ABCA and in clinics across the country this spring.
Sports Attack
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For Better Fields
Diamond Pro has a complete line of professional groundskeeping products, including infield conditioners, calcined clay, mound and home plate clay, bricks, marking dust, and infield and warning track mixes. The company offers fast and convenient delivery. Diamond Pro's vitrified red clay infield conditioner is available in bulk nationwide, and is easy to handle and apply. Truckloads are available in 10-, 15-, and 24-ton loads that save you both time and money.
Diamond Pro
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Programmable Pitching
The HomePlate pitching machine is the first programmable pitching machine designed for both batting cage and on-field use. Users can store up to eight different pitches--including fastballs up to 90 miles per hour, curveballs, changeups, sliders, and more--in eight different programs, with only seven seconds between pitches. The programmed pitches in the HomePlate can be thrown sequentially for specific hitting drills, randomly for game conditions, or in a way that simulates an opposing pitcher.
Sports Tutor
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Advanced Skills Tee
The tee of choice for more than 3,000 high school and college programs, the Advanced Skills Tee's unique forward arm design and outside barrier give instant visual and physical feedback. Eliminate casting, looping bats, and dropping shoulders with this portable and extremely durable batting tee. It comes with a two-year warranty.
Muhl Tech
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They Stay Put
Now offered in 11 standard colors at the same low price, Wind Weighted Baseball Tarps are the patented mound and base rain covers used by Major League, college, and high school teams throughout the U.S. With 100-percent edge weighting with galvanized steel chain for the perfectly engineered ratio of fabric to ballast weight, they stay down even in very high winds. The 100-percent double lock-stitched edging cannot unravel like competitive chain-stitched tarps. This product is available from the very best sports equipment dealers.
Aer-Flo, Inc.
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Many Satisfied Customers
Beam Clay has supplied products to every Major League Baseball team, more than 150 minor league teams, more than 700 colleges, and thousands of towns and schools from all 50 states and worldwide. Beam Clay supplies special mixes for infields, pitcher's mounds, home plate areas, red warning tracks, infield conditioners, and drying agents, plus more than 200 other infield products, including regional infield mixes blended for every state and climate from bulk plants nationwide.
Partac Peat Corp.
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Special Blend
Do more with less--without compromising. Regular mound clay is simply dug out of the ground and packaged. Stabilizer Ballyard Clay is a manufactured blend of clay, interlocking soil particles, and stabilizer, a built-in moisture-manager that eliminates mud and dust. Stabilizer Ballyard Clay is ready to pack out of the bag, so you don't have to sacrifice player performance for time or budget.
Stabilizer Solutions
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Good Enough for the Pros
CH Baseball has been supplying quality equipment to professional teams since the 1960s. The company's products have been on the field for more than 40 years, which shows a commitment to quality. CH manufactures portable batting cages, field screens, field products, padding, netting, and the Original ball caddy. Buy direct from the manufacturer and provide your team with some of the longest-performing field equipment on the market today.
CH Baseball (Welded Armor)
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Extend Your Season
Find out why ProGrass has been selected as the synthetic turf for several NCAA Division I baseball teams. The durable baseball surface can be used 24/7 with virtually no maintenance. It drains well and can extend the baseball season. This system simulates natural grass characteristics on an ideal field. ProGrass: Do it right the first time, every time.
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Extra Protection
M.A.S.A. carries a large selection of protective screens to meet the demands of every level of play. The company's OIP Head Saver creates a protective roof above the protective screen that virtually eliminates injury. The Head Saver measures 40 inches wide by 37 inches high and is angled at 30 degrees. The easy-to-attach design features twin J-style hooks that attach to the top of nearly any L-screen.
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Below the Surface
Game-On sets the new standard in sports field conditioning for skinned infields and sports turf. Game-On will stand up to the hard play and weather and will not break down. Its angular particle structure contains many macro and micro pores that allow the material to absorb moisture, providing better porosity and air space to keep your field from becoming unplayable and rock hard. Game-On is available in regular soil conditioner, red top dressing, and warning track blend.
DiGeronimo Aggregates, LLC
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MVP and Pro League
Turface MVP absorbs moisture, improves drainage, and fights compaction to keep infields safe and playable. Its larger particle size is excellent for topdressing and improving soil. Turface Pro League and Pro League Red Turface Pro League, a smaller-particle infield conditioner, absorbs moisture to improve footing on skinned and turf surfaces. It's available in rich red or natural buff color.
Profile Products, LLC/Turface

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Mini Screen
BSN Sports offers a Mini L Screen that is perfect for batting practice or inside batting tunnels. Transporting is easy with the large 4 x 10 no flat tires. The Mini L Screen comes complete with a 3.0-millimeter pillow case-style, weather-treated net. Find more game-changing solutions for your budget, athletes, and peace of mind at BSN Sports.
BSN Sports
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What the Pros Use
Pro's Choice Select premium infield conditioner has a unique particle size blend and deep red color that gives you the look of a professional ballpark. The small, uniformly-sized granules make it the perfect infield topdressing to keep your infields smooth, safe, and resilient. For winning fields season after season, use what the pros use--choose Pro's Choice Select.
Pro's Choice
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