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Tools of the Trade
October 22, 2012 - Issue 584
Title IX Prime Time Case Settled
 Following an appeals court ruling, Franklin County High School in Indiana will now schedule more girls’ basketball games on Friday or Saturday nights, considered “prime time” slots, which were previously used for the boys’ games. Read the full story...
After the Cancellation
 Vanderbilt Athletic Director David Williams has apologized to his counterpart at Ohio State for the way the school handled the cancellation of the football team’s trip to Columbus next year. Read the full story...
Breaking an Unwritten Rule
 Two Michigan high school football teams—and their coaches—engaged in a massive postgame brawl. One coach was upset that the other squad continued to throw deep passes late in a blowout. Read the full story...
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Is Your Athletic Trainer an MVP?
 Do you know of a high school athletic trainer who deserves recognition? A new awards program seeks to honor outstanding ATCs at the high school level. Read the full story...
X’s, O’s … & Zzzz’s?
 When the Northwestern University football team got off to a slow start in its Sept. 15 game against Boston College, Head Coach Pat Fitzgerald wanted to make sure it didn’t happen again. His solution: team nap time. Read the full story...
Case Study
A Streaming Solution for Smaller Schools  Smaller colleges and universities are always going to be behind big-name NCAA Division I schools when it comes to live video. With limited budgets and a smaller athletic department staff, providing video to fans can be a challenge. But thanks to the BoxCast broadcast box, smaller schools are able to easily provide additional content to fans.
Picture Trouble
 A high school athletic director learned a lesson he usually imparts on his students when a picture of him making an obscene gesture was picked off a social media site and sent to teachers at the school. Read the full story...
A True E-Ticket
 Fans at the University of North Carolina can now use their iPhone or iPad instead of paper tickets to get into Tar Heels games. Read the full story...
Keeping Players Accountable
 Alabama Head Football Coach Nick Saban made one of his players write an apology to an opposing coach for what he believed was a dirty hit. Read the full story...
Product Showcase
Hot and Cold Therapy  Temperature can play a huge role in injury management. Check out these products for delivering heated or cooling symptom relief.
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Buyer’s Guide Showcase: Flooring
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Funny Money
 Several high schools in Ohio have been hit by a rash of counterfeit money being used at their concession stands. Read the full story...
Fighting For Full-Time
 With help from his student-athletes, a high school athletic director in Rhode Island is fighting an attempt to move the job to half-time and combine it with an assistant principal’s position. Read the full story...
Another Perspective on Sandusky
 Drexel University’s Athletic Director is also a practicing clinical psychologist whose background includes “understanding predators.” He shares some insightful views on Jerry Sandusky in this interview. Read the full story...
Cleaning Solutions
Athletix(TM) Products offers cleaning solutions with Equipment Cleaner wipes, Disinfectant wipes and Foam Hand Sanitizer.
Cool Draft Scientific
Cool Draft Scientific's portable misting fans offer comprehensive heat stress relief.
Applying Sports Knowledge
Human Kinetics is the information leader in physical activity.
Innovative Sports Training
Sports Attack is a worldwide leader in innovative sports training equipment.
Practice Made Easier
Coaching-aid machine technology made easy.
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