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Tools of the Trade
June 25, 2012 - Issue 567
Increased Contact Debated
 High school coaches in Wisconsin want more contact with student-athletes over the summer, claiming it’s the best time to help them improve. Read the full story...
Over the Recruiting Line
 Billboards from 2011 promoting the Mississippi State football team were officially deemed an NCAA rules violation. Read the full story...
Coach Arrested
 A high school softball coach was arrested for filming girls in the locker room via a hidden camera. Read the full story...
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2012 Digital Catalog from Covermaster

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Baseball Cinderella
 With its dramatic postseason run, the Kent State University baseball team was the Cinderella story of the College World Series. We talked to Head Coach Scott Stricklen last year about his team’s success, recruiting, and the Northern school disadvantage. Read the full story...
Less Football?
 A new law may shorten the high school football season in Mississippi. Read the full story...
Case Study
Youth Bodyweight Training  When it comes to youth conditioning, most coaches would agree that young athletes should master bodyweight training before external loading. Before we learn to lift a weight, we have to first be proficient at moving our bodies.
Follow Up
 In the latest issue of Athletic Management, we told you about a unique partnership that gave Forsyth County (N.C.) high schools athletic training coverage for free. The plans to continue the agreement for next year, however, are on hold. Read the full story...
Wrongful Firing?
 A University of Montana strength coach claims he was fired by the school for reporting that a male employee was harassing one of his female staff members. Read the full story...
Read Me In St. Louis
 Training & Conditioning Managing Editor Abby Funk will be in St. Louis next week attending the NATA Annual Meeting. She’ll report on all she sees and hears in this blog space. Read the full story...
Product Showcase
NSCA Preview  The 2012 NSCA National Conference will be held in July 11-14 in Providence, R.I. The following products will be on display
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Buyer’s Guide Showcase: Outdoor Facility Equipment
The following outdoor facility equipment-related companies are advertisers in the Athletic Management Buyer’s Guide and you can click on the company name to visit its Web site.
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Parental Control
 The parents of a highly touted college basketball recruit don’t permit coaches to call or text him directly. The coaches must call or text them first. Read the full story...
UNE Hockey Sanctioned
 The University of New England has been sanctioned for aid violations in ice hockey. Read the full story...
Better Coaches
 In an effort to give women’s basketball coaches opportunities to further their leadership skills, the WBCA hosted its second session of Center for Coaching Excellence. Read the full story...
Pilates Innovator
Balanced Body, Inc. has provided innovation in Pilates equipment since 1976.
GreensGroomer WorldWide
Our product line provides efficiencies through simple product design, focused on low mechanical complexity and high reliability.
Hands-Free Conversation
The DX300 Wireless Football Headset System links you and your coaches throughout the game in secure, two-way, hands-free conversation.
Modular Tiles
Matflex's line of modular interlocking tiles for sports cover in-line hockey, aerobics, and gymnasium flooring, as well as entrance ways and pool decks.
Lighting Up the Game
Better lighting makes a better game, with Qualite Sports Lighting systems.
Practice Made Easier
Coaching-aid machine technology made easy.
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