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Tools of the Trade
January 10, 2012 - Issue 543
Raising Academic Standards
 Illinois will soon have tougher academic eligibility standards for student-athletes thanks to legislation passed by the IHSA. Read the full story...
Ancient History May Be Revived
 The Michigan State Spartans are looking into playing a men’s basketball game against the USC Trojans at Panathinaiko Stadium in Athens, Greece, the site of the first modern Olympic Games. Read the full story...
In the Spotlight
 A video of a high school basketball game’s allegedly poor officiating has created a social media buzz. Read the full story...
Featured E-Zine
Covermaster has provided gymnasium and outdoor field covers to school athletic departments and other athletic facilities for more than four decades. Check out their full supply of covers to meet your facility needs.

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Division III Report In
 At the NCAA Division III level, after collecting data about the academic performance of student-athletes, schools will discuss what to do with that information starting Jan. 13 at the NCAA convention. Read the full story...
Developing Your “A” Game
 Dan Cardone provides four self-improvement strategies athletic administrators can use to polish interpersonal skills and react better to professional situations. Read the full story...
Case Study
Manage Knee Pain  And Help Decrease Patients' Pain Medication. DJO Global, Inc., a leading provider of medical device solutions for musculoskeletal health, vascular health, and pain management, recently announced the launch of the Empi Active Knee TENS System to treat knee pain, a condition which may affect more than 19 million Americans.
Nutrition Is the 12th Man
 In Georgia, a small rural high school is pointing to a new nutrition program put in place at its school for helping it claim a state championship. Read the full story...
What They’re Looking For
 As part of the process of hiring a new athletic director, this Massachusetts high school held a forum to ask community members what traits they want to see in candidates. Read the full story...
Head to Head
 Last Wednesday, the University of Tampa took on St. Leo in a basketball game that featured what’s believed to be an NCAA first. The coaches of the two opposing squads were husband and wife. Read the full story...
Product Showcase
Rehab/Therapy Technology  Get injured athletes back in the game with these cutting-edge rehab solutions.
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Buyer’s Guide Showcase: Synthetic Turf
The following synthetic turf-related companies are advertisers in the Athletic Management Buyer’s Guide and you can click on the company name to visit its Web site.
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Wheels on the Track
 A look at a new rule in Minnesota that allows athletes in wheelchairs to participate in high school track and field. Read the full story...
Please Forget the Lyrics
 In Ohio, DeSales High School is revising its between-game music policy after a fan complained about explicit lyrics in one of the songs played. Read the full story...
Coach Calls Out Fans
 A high school basketball coach in Erie, Pa., sent out a critical e-mail to students, in response to what he considered a lack of support during games. He was subsequently suspended. Read the full story...
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Change the Game
GSV's extra effort in turf technology is what separates the champions from the competition.
Institute-Trained Professionals
C.H.E.K. Institute-trained professionals are among the most sought-after fitness professional in their respective fields.
Closer to Nature
FieldTurf fields are designed to closely replicate natural grass playing surfaces in any climate and weather condition.
Worldwide Markets
Magister Corporation provides a wide range of products for the orthopedic, rehabilitation and fitness markets worldwide.
Medi-Dyne Healthcare Products
Medi-Dyne Healthcare Products is a global healthcare company dedicated to providing innovations in pain prevention.
Putterman Athletics
Putterman Athletics manufactures products for athletic facilities and job sites nationwide.
Schelde North America
Schelde North America, Better Equipment for a Better Game(TM).
Spenco Foot Care Products
For the past 40 years, Spenco has made Foot Care Products - shoe insoles, arch supports, heel pads and orthotics.
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