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Tools of the Trade
March 26, 2012 - Issue 554
Rivalry Losses Cost Coach His Job
 Despite a 158-59 overall record as Odessa College’s men’s basketball coach, Dennis Helms was fired because his squad went 2-12 against their chief rivals over the last two years. Read the full story...
Playing on Sunday
 In Connecticut, the state basketball championships have had great success being played at the Mohegan Sun Casino’s arena for the past five years. But the casino is not interested in renewing the contract unless the final games are moved from Saturday to Sunday. Read the full story...
New System Needed?
 At Inside Higher Ed, two authors offer suggestions to make the recruiting process easier on athletes. Read the full story...
Featured E-Zine
The 2012 Athletic Management Buyer's Guide includes expanded product listings not available in print. URLs listed in this publication are active, meaning you can click on a company's Web site where it appears in the Buyer's Guide to learn about the company and its products.

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Shoe Snafu
 An Illinois high school basketball coach has suspended several underclassmen for one game next season after they left their shoes on the court following a victory in the state title game. Read the full story...
In a Crisis
 Recently, the College Sports Information Directors of America (CoSIDA) conducted a membership survey on how college athletic departments use social media in crisis situations. They shared the results with Athletic Management, along with some tips for maximizing your department’s social media response mechanisms. Read the full story...
Case Study
Company News  Performance Health introduces 2.0 Web site. The most comprehensive resource for Thera-Band and Biofreeze research and exercise is free.
Quick Fundraising
 When an athlete has a catastrophic injury and money is needed quickly to aid the family, where can you turn? The National Sports Leagues of America (NSLA) has created a patent-pending “Injured Athlete Alert” system to help. Read the full story...
Crossfit A Bad Fit?
 This athletic trainer and strength coach is noticing an alarming trend: instant gratification workout programs designed to beat up participants and leave them worn out. Read the full story...
Refusing to Wrestle
 A New Jersey high school wrestling team was sanctioned by the state association after it refused to wrestle a team that had a pair of athletes who had suffered from Impetigo but were medically cleared. The school administrators stand by their decision to not let the athletes wrestle. Read the full story...
Product Showcase
Volleyball Facility/Equipment  Set the tone for volleyball success by providing your coaches and players with a court and equipment they can be proud of. For the latest and greatest in volleyball equipment offerings, check out these respected manufacturers.
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Buyer’s Guide Showcase: Flooring
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All Good Things Must End
 A popular blog on NCAA compliance by Colorado State’s John Infante will stop being published April 7. Read the full story...
On the Way Out
 Four retiring Illinois high school athletic directors participated in a roundtable discussion about issues in the profession. Read the full story...
USOC Launches Safe Sport
 The U.S. Olympic Committee has announced the launch of Safe Sport, a welfare training program aimed at improving the safety of athletes. Read the full story...
Regional Soil Blends
Beam Clay offers regional infield mixes blended for every state and climate from bulk plants nationwide.
Brightening Fan Base
Brighten your fan base with Daktronic's including long-lasting LED systems.
Safe in the Heat
Monitor heat stress and illness with HQ, Inc.'s patented CorTemp, ingestible core-body thermometer pill.
Pivotal Health Solutions
Pivotal Health Solutions, Inc., Integrating Health and Wellness...
Lighting Up the Game
Better lighting makes a better game, with Qualite Sports Lighting systems.
SMi Awards
Founded in 1987, SMi Awards has helped thousands of schools, businesses and organizations nationwide with their award and recognition needs.
Heat for the Hamstring
The new Hammy Series models are like traditional Stromgren 75-percent nylon/25-percent Lycra compression shorts, but with a neoprene liner in the back of each leg.
Wilson Case
Wilson Case can design and manufacture a shipping case to meet any requirement.
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