Absorbing the Shock
Absorbing the Shock Mondo's Sport Impact and Ramflex vulcanized rubber surfaces are specially designed to resist abuse from weights, barbells, and other weightlifting equipment. Both products contain a heavy-duty wear layer for superior resistance and a shock-absorbent lower layer for safety and comfort. Mondo surfaces are easy to maintain and require no sealers or coatings.
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Smooth Moves
The Volt ankle brace is engineered to include the latest carbon-fiber technology. The polypropylene shell is reinforced with carbon fiber--the same high-performance material used in racing cars and bicycles. It also features a molded bearing-design performance hinge for smoother range of motion, strengthening ribs for a thinner profile, and fabric-backed EVA foam pads for durability and comfort.
Active Ankle Systems, Inc.
(800) 800-2896
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Reduce Fatigue
Drink Cytomax while training or exercising to ensure proper hydration, electrolyte replacement, energy balance, and reduced fatigue. Patented alpha L-polylactate buffers lactic acid production and minimizes post-exercise muscle soreness. Complex carbs provide sustained energy without the sugar crash and antioxidants help prevent free-radical damage to muscle cells.
CytoSport, Inc.
(888) 298-6629
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Your Portable Storefront
The GearBoss Mobile Kiosk helps increase sales of team logo/spirit wear and boost revenue for athletic departments. Schools find that the eye-catching Mobile Kiosk significantly outsells traditional options. This self-contained cart can be easily wheeled almost anywhere fans go. During storage and transport, inventory is kept secure with one padlock. Panels easily open to provide nearly 40 square feet of vertical display space.
Wenger Corporation
(800) 4WENGER
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G Series Pro Recover
G Series Pro Recover is a protein and carbohydrate recovery beverage formulated with the consistency of a thirst quencher to stimulate glycogen replenishment and promote protein synthesis in muscles after exercise. It should be taken 30 to 60 minutes after a workout or competition. With 16g of protein and 43g of carbohydrates, G Series Pro Recover helps stimulate muscle recovery when you need it most.
(800) 884-2867
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