The Biodex Concussion Management Program

The Biodex Concussion Management Program is a complete “turn key” solution to diagnose and manage concussions in a Plug-and-Play format. The comprehensive Varsity and Pro packages provide users with best practices tools, education and support. Want to add to an existing program? Add one or more of the stand-alone components of the Biodex Concussion Management Program to broaden your service offerings.

This evidenced-based protocol facilitates medically supported “return-to-play” decisions.
Ongoing education and support with print-on-demand protocols, graded symptom checklist and educational materials round out the program and keep you up to date. Instrumented, objective balance assessment utilizing the Biodex Balance System SD or the portable BioSway allows quick and objective comparison of preseason baseline to post-injury results. HIPPA compliant post-injury Summary Report shows status, progress and outcomes of tests.

The education component of the program includes supporting materials to educate athletes, coaches, parents, administrators, doctors and clinicians. Biodex University and co-sponsored concussion management workshops are scheduled regularly.

The Preseason Baseline Testing component provides the ability to quantify balance and cognitive function in athletes before an injury occursan important consideration in a comprehensive athletic program. Computerized assessments of baseline performance against which post-injury performance can be compared provide objective decision data. Conduct important baseline balance testing on all athletes using the Biodex Balance System SD or portable BioSway. The Clinical Test for Sensory Integration of Balance (CTSIB) helps to determine which sensory system (visual, vestibular, or somatosensory) an athlete relies on to maintain balance. Biodex Concussion Management Program complements results from a computerized cognitive testing program of your choice.

The Play It SAFE Algorithm and Sideline Assessment offers coaches, ATC’s and team physicians guidelines to screen for a concussion, remove the athlete from play, if needed, and for on-field RTP decisions. Features include Graded Symptom Checklist, Cognitive Test, Functional Testing, Oculomotor (Eye Movement), Dynamic Visual Acuity Testing, Physical Tests, Romberg and 20-yard Jog.

Doctors, trainers, athletes, parents, coaches and administrators feel confident as decisions are based on best practices, objective data and clinical protocols. Repeat balance assessment and cognitive testing in the days following injury to track recovery using preseason baseline testing as a guideline.

Biodex Concussion Pro features the Biodex Balance System SD for static and dynamic balance testing and training. Also utilize the Balance System SD for standardized athlete knee injury screening tests, plus six interactive training modes to provide valuable and effective proprioceptive and neuromuscular training.

Biodex Concussion Varsity utilizes the Portable BioSway, a static balance training and testing device. The BioSway features a lightweight portable instrumented platform, standardized testing, interactive training, plus a hard shell travel case - perfect when testing is brought to the athlete.

The Balance System SD and Portable BioSway have undergone recent enhancements. Upgraded software features a more intuitive user interface with a new look and feel. A new CATCH Game for Balance Training exercises and trains athletes in a game-like environment.

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