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Legal Issues
Division I Schools Under Scrutiny
Kent State University and the University of Tennessee have been served lawsuits concerning alleged sexual assaults by their male student-athletes. Alleged victims include female student-athletes at the schools.

Honors & Awards
Fan Recognized After 5,000 Games
For more than 35 years, Peter Garthe has been one of the most dedicated fans of the teams at Central High School, in Traverse City, Mich. He was recently honored for all he's done.
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High School News
Volleyball Rules Changes
The NFHS has announced rules changes for volleyball, which include a revised process for submitting lineups.

More Than Words
A coach’s ability to communicate with players is a vital tool for success. So when Steve Powell, Head Boys’ Coach at J.P. McKaskey High School in Lancaster, Pa., lost part of his tongue to oral cancer in August of 2014, he was forced to dig deep into his coaching toolbox for a solution.

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From Our Pages
Back In Action
By blending his athletic training skills with the science of prosthetics, this author is helping amputees re-enter the world of sports participation.

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Product Showcase
Fundraising & Promotions
Need to raise funds for your team or group? Look what these companies have to offer for your fundraising and promotional needs.
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