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Tools of the Trade
Tools of the Trade: Jan. 11th, 2016 - Issue 843
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High School News
On the Road Woes
A high school ice hockey team in North Dakota has been reprimanded for participating in a "social media stunt” while spending the night in a hotel during a holiday tournament.

Why Do You Need Serious Protective Equipment For Serious Injuries?
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By: Bobbie Quinn
If you could buy sneakers that gave you the ability to jump and dunk like LeBron James, would you buy them? If you could get a lacrosse stick that gave you the ability to never drop a pass or miss the net, would you get it?
As an athlete, the answer is probably yes. You want to be successful after all; and if there’s a way to have your gear enhance your performance, you are going to get that gear.
But when it comes to protective gear, the same thought process doesn’t seem to apply. You know a speeding puck has the ability to break your leg, so you buy pads instead of strapping pieces of cardboard to your shins; but are you purchasing the highest quality pads? Probably not, because those pads don’t tangibly help enhance your play on the field, court or ice.
For some reason, protective equipment doesn’t have the same value to athletes that more visible pieces of gear do, like shoes, sticks or jerseys. But, if there was a piece of protective gear that could protect you from a lifelong injury, wouldn’t you want that?

Oregon State Launches Ideation Team
To boost its brand and increase nation-wide awareness of its sports teams, Oregon State University athletics has created an in-house advertising agency. It will be led by Russell Houghtaling, the former director of digital media for athletics at the University of Oklahoma.
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From Our Pages
Divide & Conquer
What are the secrets behind the University of Virginia men's basketball team's success? Strength coach Mike Curtis outlines the squad's in-season training.

Rehab/Therapy Techniques
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Get injured athletes back in the game with these cutting-edge rehab solutions.
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