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Hermann is Quickly Replaced
Rutgers University has fired Athletic Director Julie Hermann and replaced her with Patrick Hobbs, Dean Emeritus of Seton Hall Law School and ombudsmen for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

New Basketball Technology
Maximize Shooting Workouts
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When it comes to improving shooting, basketball coaches at every level know three things to be true. One, there is no replacement for getting shots up. Two, numbers never lie. And three, competitive drills are the fastest way to become a more clutch marksman.

Legal Issues
Students Sue Over Burns
At Springbrook High School in Maryland, several football players are suing their school district after suffering burns due to a custodian mistakenly spraying solution meant for preventing the spread of MRSA on their gear.

High School News
NFHS To Honor Eight
The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) has announced recipients of its 2015 Citations, which recognize contributions to interscholastic athletics at the local, state, and national levels.

Sports Medicine
Facial Injuries in Field Hockey
A research review has found that almost 50 percent of elite field hockey players and nearly 13 percent of junior and senior level players will experience a facial injury involving the mouth, jaw, or teeth.

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