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High School News
Baseball, Softball Rules Changes
Beginning with the 2016 season, baseball umpires will be using a revamped penalty progression to promote preventive officiating and softball will use a new definition for a "projected" substitute.

Sports Medicine
A Different Path
In college, Brian Zettler was told by one of his professors that he wasn’t “athletic training material.” Now he’s the Head Athletic Trainer for the Utah Jazz.

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Facilities News
Affordable Quality Pools
Triton is the newest pool in SwimEx's extensive line of resistance pools and plunge tanks. Available to the commercial and residential customer, Triton offers the SwimEx industry-exclusive construction at a more affordable price. Handcrafted in the USA, the pool features fiberglass construction and an easy to clean, long-lasting gel coat. It has a wide open layout, 50-inch water depth, and two rear seats. Triton's reliable and even swim current is propeller-driven by a long-lasting commercial-grade electric motor. Its flexible interior layout and customized color possibilities make it the perfect pool for relaxation, exercise, or aquatic therapy.

Contract Negotiations
Louisiana May Not Have Officials
In Louisiana, members of the High School Officials Association are at an impasse with the state association over their pay.
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Bleachers and Seating
The following products provide modern solutions for event seating.
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