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Tools of the Trade
January 12, 2014 - Issue 696
Wrestling with Title IX
 In Washington, the Federal Way School District appears to be breaking gender barriers by offering a wrestling program for girls. However, one parent feels differently, filing a Title IX lawsuit against the district, claiming it offers less resources to its female grapplers. Read the full story...
A Closer Look
 The University of North Dakota has implemented a task force to look at possibly changing the school’s nickname. Read the full story...
Empty House
 A Pennsylvania high school basketball game will be played in front of no fans, after an incident involving one of the teams. Read the full story...
GearBoss by Wenger

Featured E-Zine

This electronic publication highlights the GearBoss family of products for athletic departments—from athletic team lockers to specialized storage and transport solutions.

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Behind Their Success
 The football coaches at the University of Oregon have gone against the grain and stopped yelling at players to motivate them. Read the full story...
More Rest Questioned
 Concussion recovery continues to be one of the most talked about issues in sports medicine. New research shows that the commonly-cited treatment option of prolonged and strict rest may not be optimal for recovery. Read the full story...
Company News

Space-Saving Design  Save room and add workout stations with the Jungle Rack System. Imagine a unit that allows for two individuals to squat or bench press at the same time, or up to nine individuals doing chin-ups simultaneously. Plus, additional chin-up bars are among the countless attachments available. This New York Barbell Rack has multiple exercise stations that include monkey bars and anchors for the likes of Gym Rings and TRX bands. All of this is in addition to what you can do on any two power racks--each rated for 1,000 pounds.
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Blowout in Bad Taste?
 A girls’ high school basketball game that ended 161-2 is raising fairness concerns. Read the full story...
Painkiller Usage Revealed
 The team physician for USC football admitted to ignoring FDA warnings when administering Toradol and not warning players about potential side effects. Read the full story...
Safe Haven
 A Texas high school’s new basketball arena was also built to withstand hurricanes and serve as a community shelter. Read the full story...
Product Showcase
Rehab/Therapy Technology  Get injured athletes back in the game with these cutting-edge rehab solutions.
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Online Buyer's Guide
Our online Buyer's Guide features a customized pages for companies advertising in our 2014 Buyer's Guide, including interactive links, product images, and more detailed product listings.

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Offering Support
 A new online platform, called UBooster, allows fans to pledge money to the college a high school athlete is considering. If the athlete chooses that school, the money pledged goes to the booster program at that college. Read the full story...
Coaches on the Grill
 High school and college coaches in Mississippi will help kick off Oxford’s Restaurant Week with a cooking competition. The Ole Miss Athletic Director will be one of the judges. Read the full story...
Official Outage
 A highly-anticipated Florida girls’ high school basketball game was canceled after officials failed to show up. Read the full story...
Flexall Gels
Flexall(R) gels enhance ultrasound, cryotherapy, T.E.N.S., and massage therapies.
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Continental Girbau's freestanding washers deliver high-speed extract, unmatched durability, and superior programmability to promote fabric longevity.
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GymWipes is an industry leader in cleaning, sanitizing, and protecting professional workout equipment.
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Rapid Red is 100 percent pure (not from concentrate) tart cherry juice.
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